Consciousness of forms and sounds

If you read words but do not know how they are pronounced, you won’t be able to understand them.

Even if you try to understand the words without knowing their pronunciations, you still need a language that you already familiar with to do it. Thus, the language you are using is functioning by geometrical symbols and vibrational pronunciations.

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The root of imbalance: Double standards

Many has been talking about imbalance in spiritual work, but most of the talks are pretty much mathematical, an imbalance of being more in one way and less in another that creates a problem.

Why is it being more in one way and less in another? Spiritually speaking, it is caused by an intention that causes the imbalance, and that intention can only mean double (or multiple) standards. The rest of the mathematical manners aren’t important actually.

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A bit of DNA upgrade and higher frequency nonsense

From what I have studied about physics and biology, light excites atoms and dissociate molecules while the photosynthesis of plant takes sunlight and bounds atoms and molecules together. The actual formation of life, the DNA molecules on earth is most possibly due thunder, which is the electricity. If light can forms life forms, there should be many on other planets in this solar system but no, it seems that life form is formed by electricity. Well, except for Jupiter, the storm is too violent there.

I have no idea how New Age is promoting light is the main force of everything. Higher frequency light only dissociate atoms and molecules, unless the body is able to process the energy, that would be meaningless.

Light body is not dealing with electricity. The so called light body upgrade and DNA activation by higher frequency light somehow forgets that it is the electricity that forms and DNA molecules. Metaphorically speaking, higher frequency affects the information flow as in the CPU clocks, but then overclocking the CPU burns your hardware. Upgrading light body sounds like informational upgrade, like you put a better software into the computer but then the hardware is not changed.

Put it like this way, electricity is the fundamental force of physical life form, light is just derived from electricity and covers only information. Without electricity, physical form dies.

I do understand afterlife as light, but then talking about light body upgrade and DNA activation by higher frequency light are just narrow ideas. The information serves not much to physical changes if the physical form is unable to receive it.

Electricity is still the rule of everything. It creates molecules and forms the DNA. Without electricity it is impossible to change the DNA. Where does the natural electricity of earth comes from? Thunder, which that thunder comes from sea, cloud, wind and rain, it is due to the intense of positive and negative polarization between sky and ground which lead to the spark. Can you see how “the spark of life” is referring to, besides of the big bang?

Human electricity is formed as neural network.

Light, as electromagnetic, may influence human’s brain thus changes the neural network and then possibly influences the DNA, but then it is the information that causes the change and has nothing to do with higher frequency. The information in electromagnetic is just different radio station which depends on the individual chooses to receive. Choosing higher frequency radio doesn’t really mean a good station, it is just a radio station that uses higher frequency. It is more precisely to say that different radio station has different frequency. Higher frequency does not activates the DNA, the information does. It seems that many “higher” beings are actually constantly telling a story about the radio stations that are in lower frequency aren’t the “good” station. The fact is that, good information has nothing to do with high or low station. There are so many higher beings disguise as being spiritual up there.

Everyone should have their own individual radio station, there are beings who try to communicate or hijack your station. You tune in to the one you like and put the hijacking frequency out of phase.

Another way of brain receives electrical neural signal is from body senses.By stimulating body senses, electrical signal is sending into brain thus stimulates the brain as well. Different body senses are stimulated by different sights, hearings, touches, smells and tastes. In short, it is to let the body to experience different sensory stimuli, which is, to experience in different environments. However, not all sensory stimuli is good for brain, such as pain.
To say it this way, DNA changes through environmental stimuli. In general evolution theory, it is thought as chemical reaction, but it has the similar fundamental relation with the electricity. With neural network, it is also the electricity but with different process.

Yet, dream is another way of sensory stimuli.
Dream gives human different senses that are impossible in physical world.
If dream affects our DNA, then this will mean a new open door to a new world that humans can evolve into.


~dark messenger~

Demon cheats, light teaches

Cheating, always a bad thing to do especially for passing a test.

Cheating makes you less experienced and unfair to those who do not cheat.

However, some just like to cheat or help to cheat…

Usually, one of the many aspects of demon is described by spirituality as the one who helps to cheat, which means the demon knows the answer of the test and gives answer for the cheater to pass. In the sense of, the demon learns nothing because of repeating the known answer while the person learns nothing too because of cheating.

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Mental focus meditation (and dowsing with your body and mind)

I learn this meditation technique in year 2014 and have been practicing this to heal myself. Long story short, I am able to tap into “other consciousness” of myself which helps me to go through my life. Decide to write it out as manual, there are terminologies and descriptions that I am trying to figure out here. So, if you find strange words, try to ask question here. It is hard for me to explain to other person without knowing what people will be thinking of.

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Something about the light (and how actually white light meditation is stealing energy)

I am having my own visualization technique where I try to receive colorless light. It is like looking at a gravitating floating colorless penetrable water, you can see the distortion due to the density of the water and sense it touching it but it is not physical. So, this light can even emits in both light and darkness.

In comparison, the white light meditation many have used is questionable to me. You see, light travel in straight line, you cannot see a laser light unless you stay yourself in the direction of laser and look into it (and blind or even hurts your eyes). Or, you put something in the way of light and reflect to you to see. Which means, it is questionable about the light meditation (the one that visualize white light into the person) where might be actually blocking and direct the light into people. Well, I would say this as energy stealing though, just it might be offended many people out there lol.
So right now in my meditation, I do not use direct light visualization technique. I only sit and wait the colorless light to appear in my mind, many time I receive nothing and finish my meditation just like that, I do not force the light to come to me.
I wonder if I should destroy the artificial white light pillar around on earth right now lol… well, just kidding, I will be not working myself that way.
I see darkness as a kind of light too. You know wave polarization, superposition and interference? Darkness isn’t really always absorbing light though, there is the nod of the wave but actually there will still be vibration going through.
If the person is purposely in-turn its vibration exactly in +180 degree phase (destructive interference) with its surrounding, it will appeared to have emitting dark aura, whilst the person who in-tune 0/360 degree phase will double its light with the surrounding. I see how people mistaken the darkworker as energy absorber but actually what the darkworker does is to decrease the vibration of the surrounding and it takes up its energy to build the destructive interference; and the greater the vibration of the surrounding the more energy will be required to build the destructive interference.
~dark messenger~

Dream, thought and emotion

Trying to play with some metaphysics on dream or also known as astral plane.

Brain consists of (electrical) neural signal and (electromagnetic) brainwave activity, there are scientist working on decoding the brain, creating device like the brain-controlled-exoskeleton.

I do believe that dream can be decoded in digital one day, since dream is formed by thoughts and thoughts are electricity, so why dream not be digital?

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