Dark torturter and light conspirator

The torturer says: “I feel enraged, I want revenge, I have to torture and kill those innocent people to see and hear them scream in fear and pain, and I want more…”

And many do not understand why is it feels so good to torture people but quickly denies it, where they miss a change to understand the darkest heart of of a demon.

This is not about a revenge of a “righteous one” over somebody who is doing something bad, but really, it is about to throw away the sanity as much as possible and fall into the depth of abyss, which is really about the excitement of torturing good people and feeding its negativity.

You have to ask the question like this, why is it feels good to torture innocent people.

The the answer to that is you need to understand why is it feel so anguish about the good people that does not commit at all the bad, evil, dark and negativity, as if you want to “protect” the sin by rampaging your insanity over the good one that has stayed away from you. If you can’t think beyond this veil, I am sorry that you can never really understand darkness, which means, after all, you are just another annoying good people trying to explain things by your own light methodology.

This happens when a person has the believe of light that is able to accept (suffer) darkness, or it believes that any good people is always having a bad side. However when this person sooner or later finds out that what it seeks is almost non-existed, he will start to question if there is any light that can be trusted (torture) out there, and this is where the tragedy develops. The more it looks outside the more it finds out that the light is trying to destroy (help) the darkness the more it believes that it has no mean to life here any more the more it falls into the darkness. It gets disturbed by the stereotype from the light that explains negativity as non-existing, which ultimately the light believes that the darkness has no meaning to harm itself for the truth is only the love, it wants to become that negativity, non-existence, self destructive and to prove that the love is not the only answer. If it chooses suicide things will still be “fine” because it has harmed no people accept itself, because it chooses to bring its own darkness and leave the light above the heaven. However, if it chooses to harm people around it, that is a tragedy because it wants to manipulate the good people to curse it and absorb negativity, as it believes that that will have its wish to decent down deeper into abyss be realized.

Therefore, from the stand point of the darkness, revenge is about to destroy the love and light, therefore it wants to torture and to kill the good people, beside from hearing no more the good people trying to help it becoming another good one, it wants the negativity spawn from the light to create hell, and that has been the reason why we have massacre in our human history.

If you understand this, then there will be a question: To heal the darkness to believe in love again: It is to love it by letting it tortures and kills more or to harm it so that it realizes your acceptance to darkness that you are actually trying to make it feels “love” again?

This is difficult to answer because the morality and ideology involved here: By directing the rage of the darkness from instead of hurting good people but to the bad one, so the darkness is destroying only the darkness, therefore there is a value for the darkness to exist. Also this is where the light cannot fits in, because light sees darkness of destroying one another as a meaningless existence. Meanwhile, when darkness stops to harm light, the light always thinks this as darkness losses grip in hell, where the light mistakenly tries to pull the “hero-demon” that “defeats” the darkness into its side and be headed.

If this works, it means that people who falls deep into the darkness has satisfied on feeding its negativity. The reason for the darkness is still torturing and killing good people like a never ending rage is because it does not understand its own purpose of existing, some more deluded by light that tries to imitate the “love” that is belonged to darkness.

It feels odd for a regular human that darkness love itself by destroying itself, but is not unexplainable. In fact, it is more accurate to say that the logic behind is being confused, because too many spiritual teachings has been overloaded by too many stories.

Erm… What about light then? It is better to understand both so that the whole theory here is not erratic.

If a deluded darkness is about torturing the good guy, and the darkness is therefore supposed to destroy the bad guy, then, a deluded light is about conspiring the bad guy, and therefore the light is supposed to help the good guy? Right? We will see about that now.

The problem of light is it wants to stay positive and denies negative. If light is to not accept any darkness, then it must assumes that the darkness is non-existing in order to manifest the ideal heaven. When this happens, and if the truth of this reality is that light and darkness coexist, than the only way for light to have an ideal heaven is to push its own negativity to others, which is therefore light is tended to conspire.

There are questions that has to be asked first before we evaluate this conclusion.

First, is it right to help a bad people? Do you help a killer and get yourself killed? No.

Second, is it right to help of a injured bad people like a killer? Yes, no and both. Yes because it is your duty to help those who is incapable of, which is love. No is because you are indirectly helping a killer to kill people. Both is because you if consider more than two of the factors above, like what is the intention of the killer to kill, but why is then the killer is looking for your help? Yes you can say that if, you have helped the killer, which later he might not want to kill any more because there is a kindness, since that killer knows what pain is about, or else he wouldn’t look for your help. But no matter how you look at it, you help only the light side so that it wouldn’t misdirected into the dark side and you don’t help the dark side at all.

Therefore, there is a misunderstanding about “helping the darkness”, it seems that you don’t really transform a darkness into light like that, it is actually that the light that has already existed in a particular “darkness” that light will be transformed into. The injuries of the killer is not about the act of killing, it is the potential of light of that injuries, as darkness, has manifested into light once is healed, which means that there are two type of darknesses here: One that is belonged to the light and another that has nothing to do with light at all.

Up to this point, you can see that there is a boundary between light and darkness, blur or clear, is understandable.

Light conspires because it does not see the two type of darknesses here. It cannot see the part of the darkness that is actually light in disguise, but chooses to over-react to any negativity and blamed everything to darkness.

However, conspiracy is not totally a bad thing for light.

Have you ever wondered what if, instead of darkness, you conspire the light?

No, you are not conspiring something good as something bad, that is a conspiracy of darkness.

What if you are conspiring something bad as something good?

Where when things are not happening according to your plans, are actually the opportunities that you need to overcome?

Or even if things that are according to your plans, are also something bad and are a more opportunities?

This thus theorizes that light is always looking at something bad as good and trying to overcome it to be better.

When light is not looking things in this way, it conspires and must have somebody to be blamed for… which you can question yourself like this, Shall I let it conspires and blames or I choose to conspire the light until it finds the value of the darkness? This is where the darkness is mixed up with light, because darkness always wants to be recognized. When light turns such darkness into light, darkness confuses this and mistakenly takes what is actually belonged to light.

So to conclude everything here, darkness finds its light by torturing another darkness and light conspires another light to understand its value of darkness. and therefore this is where it is saying light and darkness coexist, but not that a grey area that confuses them up.

The mistake is when the torturer and conspirator meet, with the darkness tortures the light that keeps on blaming bad guys because and while the light conspires the darkness on killing good guys. It seems like a drama that keeps replaying from a long time ago until it finds the way out.

Another situation is when light and darkness try to live separately, to avoid the confusing grey area.

Light heals, darkness harms.

If darkness lives only by its own, the torture thing is going to cause the darkness to bleed without healing. Everything is destroyed and cannot be created.

If light lives only by its own, the conspire thing is going to be lame because everything is perfect without any injury. Everything is created but cannot change.

Or you can say a light that denies all the darkness and is never willing to take a risk of change; while the darkness is running away all the light to not give in into a kindness of forgiving.

When the light seeks a darkness, it is looking at both the torturing and bleeding; so with the darkness is going to see the conspiring and perfection…

Thus the grey area is back confusing light and darkness again.

I wonder if you can sort of see a yin-yang pattern here? Light fuels darkness, darkness emits light, changing and exchanging.

Sorry if this article is overly mathematical, but the reality must has its logic to behave correctly. I cannot say that I am all correct, but if I am wrong the mistake here is will supposedly clearly to be found.

Please enjoy the reading!

~dark messenger~


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