The good and bad theorems

Where the good becomes better and the bad is worsen…

Human is easily understood the better, but when it comes to bad, the worsen is always being misunderstood.

It is good to have good thing becomes better, let just say this is the nature of light.

For darkness, it is bad to have bad thing worsen… wait… have you notice something odd with this sentence?

Yes, this is something that requires a logical thinking to investigate.

So if you ask the questions like these:

1) Is it good to have something bad worsen?

2) Is it bad to have something bad worsen?

Which of the questions above you feel right?

Question 1) is probably not right because you don’t want to make yourself feel good to have something bad worsen, like you enjoy somebody is taking a bad luck.

And then therefore, you will think, oh, so does that means it feels right to feel bad to have something bad worsen? Exactly!

But wait, you may also think about that, that as if “bad worsen” means something bad is no more bad because it is worsen. No, I bet you understand it wrong, because “bad worsen” means something is bad and is becoming more bad, worsen. It is supposed to mean that you have an injury and it worsen, not the injury itself is no more bad, no one wants any injury. Anyone who do not get through this logic must be corrected, human had been living in the mind trick of words that causes too much problem!

The nature of darkness is not supposed to blend with light, or else it gets mixed up.

Light creates, darkness destroy. 

Light path is always with the light, so to become better and not to mix up with the worsen, it is a process of recreation to infinity; while darkness is always with the darkness, to get worsen, a process of destruction to zero. This is the First theorem of good and bad: Better and worsen.

The problem between light and darkness is that they get mixed up. You don’t do something like this: It is good to have something bad worsen or, it is bad to have something good be better.

Oddly, no matter how a human mind is able to twist, it is always easier to understand a light path.


Light is real, darkness is illusion.

When light does something bad, it is really bad; and when darkness does something good, it is delusion of good.

Therefore and again, light is only meant for doing good, because it realized everything; darkness is only meant for doing bad, because it deluded everything. This is the Second theorem of good and bad: real and illusion.


But there is a problem in spirituality, if light and darkness are meant to be separated, then why is it our reality has showed us that we must not keep ourselves over-cleaned but to help the one who is in bad shape and even hated you very much and, to not suicide but to learn to stop from harming the one who cared about you?

Something like god wants an angel to learn from a demon and also a demon to learn from an angel, like so that they can be co-existed.

When you learn something from, you do not do exactly as being told, or else you do not really learn a thing but blindly follow what you see and think to be.

You see, when an angel look at a demon, it is still an angel, even it sees a demon does a dark work, that angel learns from its angelic points of view about the darkness, and therefore does not do exactly the same dark work like a demon.

If an angel does exactly like a demon does, this will meant that the light does something bad and is becoming really bad. Unlike darkness, demon does something bad but is in fact just an illusion.

Same theorem applies to if a demon that does exactly what an angel does, it will be the darkness that does something “good” which is never been real.

Simply, the nature of light and darkness are different, you cannot apply the same act at different situation.

This is a problem in spirituality, where light and darkness do not get along with each other and has been separated or always got into a war.

In this spiritual warfare, no one can tell if god want light and darkness to get along, because if it is meant to be separated, for the one who chooses the light path, has to take charge of everything on the earth, for the one who chooses the darkness, has to suicide and leave earth… if god really want this to happen. It can be done, theoretically, on earth, if the light never complains the burden and blames darkness at all for leaving everything behind and, if the darkness never regret leaving the kindness behind and blocking all the light that tries to help. 

If your heart tells you that this has been causing too much anger and pain, and your answer to this problem is to get along with the two, then you must find a way to solve this conflict.


By knowing the two theorems above, light creates and darkness destroys, light is real and darkness is illusion, therefore, light creates the reality and darkness destroy the illusion.

Light is a positive path, the good one; darkness is a negative path, the bad one.

If light chooses a negative path, light becomes to create illusion or to realize destruction. However, there is two types of situations here.

The first is if the created illusion or realized destruction is created or realized within the light, then it is a darkness in the light.

The second is if the created illusion or realized destruction is created or realized within the darkness, then it is a mix up, because we have no idea if this is supposed to be a light within the darkness or a darkness within the light.

Same thing happens to darkness where if the destroyed reality or deluded creation is destroyed or deluded within the light or darkness.

The conflict of light and darkness is it assumes that light and darkness are separate entity, but want to get along, and therefore they are learning each other through observation. By knowing that the learning process is not supposed to be a blind duplication of exact act, since this will mix things up, thus we can at least understand that the negative path of light is about the creation of illusion or realization of destruction to be only within the light and, the positive path of darkness is about the destruction of reality or delusion of creation to be only within the darkness. We can call this as the Third theorem of good and bad: Observe and learn.

All the three theorems hold one basic root: To not mix up in order to get along with two sides. Perhaps we can say this is the Zeroth theorem of good and bad: Polarity integration.

Hope you enjoy digesting these theorems here!

~dark messenger~


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