Because humanity has the ability to evaluate morality

Human feels grief to death and gratitude towards birth, where some animals are capable as well.

However, human, as a grouped society, is able to do collective funeral and celebration that are beyond separation of time and space, which determines human to have a higher morality than an animal. There is a much deeper meaning to this.

For any behaviour, there must be a reason and a result, therefore, if any species would have an intelligent, will be able to evaluate the morality of an act.

The ability to evaluate the act of funeral and celebration, determines the morality of the species on understanding the grief and gratitude over death and birth, and thus determines the meaning of life and death.

1) If human does not do funeral, a death is just meant of having a corpse lying there and is returned to nature. The reason is that the body has no meaning any more, the result is that human will only remember the pass relationship as sexual intercourse, the meaning of death is just to replace with another partner.

1) If a human does not do celebration, a birth is just meant of having another body created from the nature. The reason is that it is to have offspring and sustain, the result is that a human will forgot future relationship as hunt or be hunt, the meaning of living is just to become the nurture of another kind.

The kind of naturalism “morality” thus cannot be developed, because it has no idea of love and pain based on morality, yes on instinctual behaviour but no on real morality, which is animalistic.

When human is able to forgot the pass relationship as sexuality and remember the future relationship as hunt or be hunt, the morality is build upon the judgement over the act of just to replace another partner and nurture the nature, or not. This thus fundamentally changes the way of understanding of human over the nature.

Is this the person you want to have sex with? Is this the thing you want to eat? You think of the reason and result of what you do. This thus give the human an extraordinary ability of caring and utilizing the nature outside of himself.

My guess is that, long before human can achieve a higher intelligent of using tools, they must be able to forgot and remember something at first. The nearest possibility is that they remember their relationship of parenting; whilst forget about the sex and eat stuff, from temporary to permanently, since these are the most basic acts of an animal; by that, they try to dome something, by putting something over the death; and therefore they start to develop the knowledge of the possible use of tools.

Which fundamentally changed the instinctual love and pain into morality, and develops the understanding of life and death.

This suggests the origin of use to tools of humanity is for morality, and therefore, which explains human have the most capability of taking care of other animals and natural beingness.

We often think that technology is about destroying the nature, but, it seems not.

From this point, human has the ability to connect time and space, where the funeral and celebration are done in group.

From this point, human has the ability to be loyal to partner, starting from the birth.

From this point, human has the ability to take care of infant, even to the death.

Why is human refuses to not act immorally? Because it influences the collective connection, there are always reason and result, and human can evaluate them.

Animal is incapable to evaluate the reason and result of an act, thus does not have morality.

(Well, to say it in an ideal situation, theoretically, in contrast. Of course I do not forget that in real life pets are just as capable as human. I believe that animal can evolve into a moral being, too. I do not suggest that human is meant to teach pets morality, animals can do it themselves naturally.)

*** *** ***

The problem also starts when human knows how to take care of nature and utilize it, if:

1) The utilization of tools are biased from the morality of funeral and celebration, where they are going back for sexual and hunting pleasure. They imagine something that is not real which create something wrong.

2) The caring of nature is biased from the morality of death and birth, where they are going back on worshipping the inanimate “intelligent” and sacrifice for the development of nature in the name of caring. They believe that by putting more things on the deceased spirit, so that they can “create” heaven in afterlife, also they do something else in order to get baby… which is the very first religious believe system ever made. They sacrifice the natural resources in a wrong illogical manner, it wastes something to produce something that is not real.

However, the root of these problems go back to the basis: The ability to evaluate the reason and result of an act.

1) It is not about to stop the tools from using on sexual and hunting pleasure, but to use the tools to prevent and protect from these harmful acts. Blocking the intelligent only prohibits the development of technology, therefore it must be solve by understanding the reason and result of an act, which is the morality of technology.

2) It is not about to stop from worshipping the intelligent and sacrifice for nature, but to use the power of caring to create illogical religious believe. It is to understand the reason and result of an act, which is the morality of believe system.

This again, goes back to the idea of evaluating the morality of humanity, in order to solve the problem of mankind. What is the basis of human’s morality?

~dark messenger~



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