Binary ortho-logistic investigation on spirituality, meditation and channeling

This has been my writing style on many of my articles. You can say this is a word game, or you can also use it as an investigation purpose.

One of the main advantage of this writing style is that, it filters a lot of philosophical mistakes especially for spirituality.

Yin-Yang / Binary universe

Many believe that this is related to Taosim, but in fact, science has revealed that this world is really a binary structure: Charge, pressure, heat… and beautifully the presented quantum physics.

Science is belonged to everyone and everything, so no one can claim the existence under the name of somebody, nor Taosim can claim anything from anybody else.

However, many do not really know how to use this to investigate their philosophy’s mistakes.

Good and evil, right and wrong
Many would say that if there no evil, there will be no good, and then this confuses what is right and what is wrong.

Usually, a human will say that it is to help the good and eliminate the bad, or do the right and reject the wrong. We also like to use light and darkness to describe the two situations here.

If: Good is to be better, which is the light. This is understood.

Else: Bad is to be worsen, which is the darkness. This seems to be a bit confusing but we can investigate properly, by:

1) Is it good to have bad thing worsen?

2) Is it bad to have bad thing worsen?

If 1) is right, would that mean you enjoy to see a person that has a bad incident to worsen? Of course you can say, that the bad thing worsen, is about the bad is gone. But no matter how you interpret it, this is confusing.

For case 2), it implies that, be it if the had thing is gone, or if the bad thing is worsen, is always bad. It clears away the confusion which it has no content of light but an absolute darkness.

And if we compare the light, it clearly expresses its own meaning by not blending any darkness, which is saying “It is good to have good thing to be better”, therefore, in conjunction to that, we don’t say “It is bad to have good thing better”.

Therefore, we can conclude that light and darkness are two separate things that are not supposed to be mixed up, or else they confuses.

The idea of “good and evil coexist” is somehow illogical. Not that light and darkness do not getting well which each other, nor light and darkness is supposed to get along with each other, it is that they are simply not to be confused.

Reality and illusion, creation and destruction

Light is true, darkness is false.

When light creates reality, it becomes real; when darkness destroys illusion, it is false. Thus, light and darkness sustain their own by working on their own, especially the darkness part, where the illusion is “conserved” by destruction, which cannot be clearly seen without the investigation of yin-yang ortho-logistic (you can say it is like an entropy).

However, if light creates illusion, the illusion becomes real; if the light does the destruction to the reality, the destruction becomes real. Light becomes the role of darkness.

Also, if darkness destroy reality, the reality has never been destroyed; if darkness creates illusion, the illusion has never been real. Darkness becomes the role of light here.

Thus this implies that whenever light and darkness are blended with each other, it is always confusing.

Because, if light plays as darkness’s role, as the illusion and destruction become the part of the creation of reality, not only it gives a bad name to the darkness, but also deteriorates the nature of light.

Also, if darkness plays as light’s role, as the reality and creation become the part of the destruction of illusion, it actually harms the darkness and also confuses the actual nature of light.

Some mathematic’s derivations

Many spirituality involves zero, one”-ness” and infinity, but in fact lack of the logical investigation.

In mathematics, zero divides by zero is undefined, but we can actually push a bit further by ortho-logistic approach:

1) We can assume that zero divides by zero is equal to zero, since any numerical value that is approximately small divides by any number is zero.

2) We can assume that zero divided by zero is equal to infinite, since any number when divides by any numerical value that is approximately small is infinite.

3) We can assume that zero divides by zero is equal to one, since any number that is divided by its own is one.

Same situation happens to infinite as well:

1) We can assume that infinite divided by infinite is equal to zero, since any number when divides by any numerical value that is infinitely big is zero.

2) We can assume that infinite divided by infinite is equal to infinite, since any numerical value that is infinitely big when divided by any number is infinite.

3) We can assume that infinite divided by infinite is one.

Only zero and infinite can give such 1), 2) and 3) situations, and therefore zero and infinity are correlated.

Another numerical relationship has to do with Euler’s Identity: e^πi+1=0. We know that e and π area numerical constant, and with zero and infinite are related, therefore, one is related to the imagery number i.

Many spirituality speaks of oneness as infinity, is incorrect.

The correct way of using the figures is: Zero and infinite, one and imagery.

Identity problem: Me, you and him.

If we don’t have names, the only way for us to contact to each other is by saying me, you and him.

When “I” speak, only “you” are listening; when “you” speak, only I am listening. “He” is not listening because it is either “me” and “you” is talking to each other or “I” do not know that “you” are talking to “him”. “He” is outside of “me” and “you”.

When “we” speak, “we” include-s “me” and “you”, or perhaps “him”, because when “you” are listening to “me” saying “us”, maybe “I” am not including “you” as “us” but him, also “he” can be inside of “me” and “you”. When “I” mention-s of “you all”, “you all” must be included “you” and “him”. When “me” and “you” talk about “they”, “they” are not included “us”.

Therefore, we can say that “me” and “you” as a binary relationship. “I” am the one and “you” are the imagery, as first and second person.

“He” is however either outside or inside of “us”, which is a third person.

Therefore, in spirituality, the saying of “do not seek outside but inside” thing is actually meant “to not seek the third person, outside or inside, but me and you, the first and second person perspective”. Self/Ego is “me”/one and “you”/imagery.

The origin of morality and technology

Every action of a human must must have a reason and a result, cause and effect.

If, by mean of evolutionary theory, by logic, the development of mankind is fundamentally due to our human senses. We know things for an undeveloped human to be able to recognize are eat, dunk, sex and survive. Based on these known senses, there are not much that can really trigger the morality of a human.

Therefore, by know that we human possess the emotion and mental ability, which cannot be explained totally if they are really coming from our basic physical senses, we have the reason to suggest that our morality is outside of our senses.

If we have to take something that is very fundamental to morality, then it must be death and birth.

Technically speaking, there is no any kind of physical senses that are able to understand death and birth, therefore, the only way we can understand death and birth, is by being an observer, which is a third person’s perspective.

As the result of that, there will be two meanings: First is that the morality of human is due to our ability to become an observer, the third person perspective, or to say that we are able to learn something that is beyond first and second perspectives. Second is that this means our morality is also accompanied with technology, since the ability to observe is granted to human to understand and utilize things that are beyond the first and second perspective.

Human biological system on Super-symmetry

We breath and eat through our nose and mouth; we reproduce and excrete through our urinary and intestinal system.

When our nose is clocked, we breath with our mouth; when our legs are disabled, we can move with our hands.

In animal kingdom, animal uses nose and mouth to taste and smell for sexual activity, and, uses back (legs) and front (hands) limbs to hunt and eat. By assuming that the touch sense has two separate functions: touch and rub, in correlated to the relationship of smell and taste, that if the sexual activity is related to eating and excretion, also the breathing is related to nose and mouth, therefore the back (legs) and front (hands) limbs are related to the sexual activity.

We speak with our mouth, and write by our hands; we listen to the speaking by our ears and read the writings by our eyes, therefore we can put the relationships by this way: our nose and mouth is correlated with legs and hands, and also our eyes and ears are correlated with urinary and excretion systems.

Since we are now found that our senses include sighting, hearing, smell+taste and touch+rub, we can perhaps by assuming that the sighting and hearing are external senses, while smell+taste and touch+rub are “in between” senses, then there must be two missing internal senses.

The seventh and eighth senses

The investigation is as follow:

1) Sighting is about electromagnetic wave. The main spectrum is red, yellow and blue. Black is null. White is the combined spectrum.

2) Hearing is about sound wave. Musical scale has seven or twelve notes.

3) Smell and taste is chemical reaction. Salty and sour is the acidity content of hydrogen ions, while tasteless is neutral. There are also sweet, bitter and umami.

4) Touch and rub is unsure. Maybe it has to do with pressure. There are hot, cold and numb. There are also the flowness of fluidity.

Sighting and hearing are not direct contacting senses but through a medium.

Smell/taste and touch/rub are direct contacting senses.

If sighting and hearing are considered to be external senses, while smell/taste and touch/rub are “in between” senses, then, where are the internal senses?

Knowing that the sighting and hearing are wave based senses that work on mediums, we may assume that the internal senses are “opposite” of the waves and mediums. Perticles? Matrixes? It seems that the investigation is ended up nowhere.

The only reasonable internal senses will be the desires of thirst, hunger, “bowel”, sleepiness and breathing, also perhaps sex. Is this reasonable? Yes, because these senses are essential that we have to take the actions in respond to them.

Another way to put them together is, by assuming they are biological, or, electrochemical. The sighting and hearing are unable to withstand too bright too loud. As to that desires, are also has the senses of cannot withstand if they are too intense (full, hungry, thirsty, stomach-ache, sleepy, suffocate and sexual stimulation).

Therefore, as electrochemical has to do with electricity, we may say that the desires are the conductivity of the electricity in our body system, where the intensity of the desires are due to the amount of electricity that is being induced.

This also puts the sighting and desires senses together, as the functions of electromagnetic wave and current in comparison.

But what about the eighth sense? If sighting is wave of electromagnetic, hearing is wave of particles, desires are electrochemical senses which due to the electrical flow, then it must the the flow of some kind. The most possible thing that is flowing inside our body is blood.

We have know that blood pressure is a very important factor to our health. We do sense ourselves if our blood pressure is low or high, although it feels not so sensitive.

To conclude: Our physical senses are:

1) Sighting – 2) Hearing

3) Smell – 4) Taste

5) Touch – 6) Rub

7) Desires – 8) Blood pressure

Human’s electrical system: (Brain) Wave and (Body) current

Science has showed that there are four fundamental physical forces that create the whole existence. If there is anything that can greatly simplify the human system, it must be electricity.

Electricity has two states: Wave and current. Wave is the factor of amplitude, frequency and wavelength, while current is the factor of voltage, conductivity and resistivity.

We also know that our brain can be detected as wave activities, while our body can be summarized as electrochemical activities.

When we want to move our body, we first generate the information inside our brain, and then process into electrical current, pass through our neural system, which finally send the signal to our muscular receptor and produce movement.

When we receive stimulation from environment, it is at first by the sensual stimulation of our body, and then process into electrical current, pass through our neural system, which finally send into our brain to be recognized.

Hallucination and seizure

Although we know that our brain receives the signal from our body senses, however, it is not uncommon to have cases where some people receives senses that are not really from physical environment, which is what we usually called as hallucination, that is caused by irregular brain activities.

On the other hand, seizure is where we do not (use our brain) send the command into our body and our muscles are uncontrollably contracted, which known as seizure .

Conscious and subconscious

Often, when we are talking about subconscious, we are referring to our brain’s consciousness’s subconscious.

If we simplify our human system as electricity, then there will be a difference, that the hallucination and seizure can possibly be our subconscious.

Energy loss of our human’s electric system: Resistivity

Our human action involves the senses and movements of our body and the brain activities that processes the signal send the command, which the processes are in a loop. E.g. body>brain>body>brain…

If we assume that our human’s energy system is electric, then the loss of our energy is due to the electric resistance, where the loss always happens when we are using our body and brain, which then is related to the tiredness that we have been experiencing.

Current science has not really found the reasonable answer to our sleeping behaviour, this may provide an alternative explanation.

Energy healing of our human’s electric system: Digestive and lauguage system

We have our eight senses: Sighting, hearing, smell-taste, touch-rub, desire and blood.

Sighting and hearing are related to our language system, while desire and blood are related to our digestive system.

Simply, if the healing of our electric energy system can be done through our digestive system, it is not illogical to say that our language has the healing power as well, notice that the digestive and language systems are beautifully corresponded to our body and mind.

We can also conclude here that our illnesses are nothing but physical and mental/emotional.


Our healing method that are based on digestion and language, are considered as incomplete because they are still involving the loop process of our body senses and brain activities, the energy loss due to resistivity is not solved.

Therefore, we need to find a way to cut the loop, which this leads to explain how a meditation works.

Firstly we need to cut off our external senses of sighting and hearing. We have to close our eyes in meditation, while we denies the sound from our environment.

Next is we need to cut off our internal senses of desires and blood. We have to neglect our desires of anything, and also the influence of our blood pressure.

For smell/taste, it is related to our nose and mouth. We have to close our mouth and not be influence by breathing (actually it is to relax the breathing).

For touch/rub, it is related to our hands and legs. We have to “lock” our limbs free and not to be influence by our sexual desire.

The strange part about how are we going to “lock” our limbs. By knowing that the sex and breathing are correlated, therefore we can deduce that we sit our legs in a closed pose, so that we do not move, as corresponding to our mouth, while we let our hands and nose to be free.

Thus there we have it, we have explained the meditation pose.

During the meditation (many would call it as a state), hallucination and seizure can occurs because of how our brain and body work (actually seizure occurs at legs after a meditation because of blood is not flowing well there). They are all related to our habit and effect of abusing our body senses and mind activities, and we loss our electric energy, or to say that we are lack of electric energy. Therefore, the indication of a correct meditation is one is slowly recovering from the hallucination and seizure, to have a better meditation state.

There is currently no in-deep scientifical research on meditation, but at least we know that meditation does work on keep our healthy mental and emotional health.

A simple meditation is that we sit stilled with our leg crossed (to your comfort), hands on the legs (as nose is with mouth), eye closed and mouth closed. This is the prepaation, which is easy. The hard part is about sitting your back straight and focusing on relaxing your breathing (to not control). The reason is that our breathing is the only movement that we cannot stop, therefore what we can do here is we focus on relaxing it; as for our back, it is actually not to really control it to be straight but by, by relaxing our breathing, once we into the state of meditation, it can be straight-up by itself. This take practise to feel our meditation is getting better into the state (some would say trance or zen), where we are becoming more breath-free and back-free, our mind and body losses the control, so that, the point here, technically speaking, is to not create the body senses and mind activities in a loop, to heal our electric energy system.

The only extra thing to do in meditation here is you have to swallow your saliva if your mouth is full.


Channelling is a different situation where the body is be able to move by its own if we are relaxed, also there will be a conscious that can be communicated in our brain if we are focused.

For the body movement, it is simply similar to a seizure, but only it is not causing pain but a series of movements. Technically speaking, it is just biochemical reaction in our body.

For brain conscious, it is simply to a hallucination, but only it is not causing delusion but to perform an intellectual interaction. Technically speaking, it is electromagnetic brainwave interaction in our brain.

These are just to say that they are not an entity possession, scientifically speaking, they are just seizure and hallucination that are caused by biochemical and brainwave reaction.

To perform a body movement channelling, by knowing that how the chemical reaction works in our body, we are therefore firstly have to relax our body, as to not send extra electrochemical stimuli, so that the body can react by itself.

To perform a brain conscious channeling, by knowing that how the brainwave activities work in our brain, we are therefore firstly have to let go of all of our stimuli coming from our body and focus in our brain, this is to leave our brain an extra space to not be disturbed by our signal from our body senses, so that the brain can react itself. By putting some simulated multiple conversations in your head, you can actually feels that it has its own way of thinking, where it chooses a certain conversation from your simulated conversation and take from you as its own to form its own intelligent.

The purpose of channeling can differs, depending on your needs, they do the things to show you a different way to do your work in your life.

However, when you do channeling in meditation (eyes closed, desires stopped), things get weird on how the channeling can draw (mudra) and chant (mantra) something that you cannot really understand at all.

However, knowing that the purpose of meditation is to recover the energy loss of your electric system, then everything make sense here. The drawing (where you have closed your sighting) is to stimulate the electrical reaction through touch/rub while the chanting is to stimulate your hearing, to heal your energy loss. It is like after you isolate yourself from environment stimuli, you heal yourself by your own electrical system…

Remember the identity problem of “I”, “You” and “Him”? Channelling is to involve only “Me” and “You”, to heal the electrical energy system from being interfered by “Him”. We loss our energy due to the loop of body sense and brain activities, but the loss is actually due to external stimuli (“Him”). When we are channelling in a meditation state, what we are trying to do here is to restore our own electrical energy system of “I” (conscious) and “You” (subconscious).

Because there is no scientifical research on this area, nor science cannot explain it, the logic here, since it is solely derived by ortho-logistic, is acceptable, if you believe so.

Another thing on channeling during meditation s about the seventh and eighth senses, is as follow. For man, channeling in meditation always causing erection on sexual organ, this is actually due to the blood pressure (eighth sense), as this is relative to hearing (second sense) in relation to chanting mantra with your mouth. The desire (seventh sense) has to do with the desire of the channeling itself, because, since the channeling is done by relaxing our body and mind, therefore, a practice of channeling is to be done by totally relaxing our body and mind, let it does what it needs to be done, to heal the energy loss problem. As relative the desire, the stop of your own desire (seventh sense) it is like you closed your eyes (sighting, first sense), in channeling, you draw mudra with your hands (as corresponding to sighting), and therefore you are also letting your breathing to be freed (as corresponding to breathing desire).

To summarize and simplify the ortho-logistic here:

1) Sighting/Eyes: Drawing/Hands (Irreplaceable conscious/focus) – 2) Hearing: Chanting/Mouth

3) Smell: Nose – 4) Taste: Mouth

5) Touch: Legs(Skin) – 6) Rub: Hands

7) Desires: Breathing/Nose (Unstoppable movements) – 8) Blood pressure: Sex/Legs(Skin)

A usual channeling that is not during meditation has our eyes and desire opened because we use this ability to improve our living. Here, we are controlling the content of the channeling.

A meditative channeling has our movements and conscious stayed in our body and mind. Here, we get rid of all of our control and listening to the channeling itself.

Therefore, the meditative channeling is about how well you can listen to your channeling. This has nothing to do with something like “listening to a spirit entity” because for all of these, they are just hallucination and seizure, we are learning how to develop from this point, and the purpose is to heal our energy losses due to our body senses and brain activities that are used to run in a loop.

There is no research done in regarding to most of these spiritual phenomenon and practice, yet. However, it seems logical that our mental and emotional illnesses can be healed with this method.

This is ortho-logistic, although it maybe a false logic but it does not explain things in that makes sense. So it depends on you how are you going to understand this.

There are perhaps more to be discovered here, but the main point is to provide something that can help. Spirituality has too many talk-the-talk but not walk-the-walk. Do the meditation and channeling and see for yourself.

Thanks for your reading.

~dark messenger~


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