On investigation of channelling, telepathy and human behavior

I have difficulty on writing this article in an appropriate scientific report especially in dealing with appropriate format, review, methodology and discussion. It is always much easier to write informally. So in case you do not want to go through all the stuff here, you can scroll to the bottom and read the conclusion.

Key words: Channelling, telepathy, alternative science, alternative medicine, neural science, controlled seizure, controlled hallucination, self-induced, hypnosis, human behavior, self-talk, probability,  geometry


1.0 Introduction

Most people, when hear of channelling, will usually think of some entity possession or a spiritual scam. A universal self-inducing method that can work on everyone is required, to investigate how, what and why to channel , so that the measurement and result can be applicable to everyone. This avoids the investigation on specify by the channeller’s personality. The problem in channelling is it is always related to those who claim of relating with non-physical, paranormal and superstitious, which this article is trying to avoid of.

1.1 A simplification model of human’s system as purely a body-brain electric circuit

Firstly, it is to introduce a theory that can explain the existence of channelling, and then to use the theory to show that the channelling can be done without any aid of external manipulation and to prevent fraud.

It is generally understood that we move our body by our command of our brain. When we focus our intention, our brain generates electric signal, passing through our neural system, reaching our muscle cells and causing the muscles to move our skeletal structure. On the other hand, we perceive our world by our body senses that, our receptor cell is being stimulated, producing electrical signal, passing through our neural system and reaching our brain that processing the signal into the information that we can understand.

If an external electric current is applied to this human’s electrical system, like the one in electroconvulsive therapy, the body will move in unexpected way, of what we known as seizure. Electrocution to our body is dangerous, even by ensuring the use of a safety amount of current, it is not the electricity that disabled our cells, the seizure that has no control by our brain, can injure us physically.

Knows that it is just an bioelectrical (bio-electrochemical) interaction, if channelling is meant to not having any external electric source that produces the a none/partially brain controlled body movements, then that would means that the electricity that causes the channelling is self-induced within our body.

1.2 Self-induced electric field in human’s body and brain

(I am able to channel myself, but not like many people who are very much in spirituality which I am aware of, I am specific, scientific and logical.)

As being suggested, channelling is a process of self-induced electric field in our body-brain system. The explanation is as follow.

The usual way of us “using” our body and brain is, we are always into commanding our body with our brain to interact with our external world while perceiving our world by stimulating our brain by abusing our body senses to get what we desired/undesired. To say it in another way round, our body has been used to be commanded by our brain while our mind brain has been used to be perceiving our body senses in interacting with the external influence. Sometimes we even exploit our ideas and senses which harms on our body and mind.

This causes the body-brain system to store a strain-thought electricity and keep us in an excited state, unable to relax and return back into the electrical ground state.

In  channelling, what we are doing here is almost opposite and simple.

There are three major procedures.

Firstly, it is to “remove” our external physical influence or to be not mentally influenced by emotional factor (better to have both). This is to not let the external influence to further stimulate the strain(muscle)-thought(form) electricity in our body-brain circuit.

Secondly, it is to remove our brain’s command from our body or to command our body to relax. In other word, it is to remove the strain-strain electricity from our body-brain circuit and return to the ground state.

Finally, it is to induce the “channelling state”, or technically known as “self-induce electricity” within our body-brain circuitry. Under the electrical ground state (no static), the electricity is assumedly coming from our cellular metabolism, depletes and rejuvenate by our digestive and excretory system. The are several possible ways of self-induce electricity in body-brain circuitry.

1.3 Types of channelling / self-induced electricity method

Not all of our body movements are consciously controlled by our intention (subconscious of our brain), some are not even controlled by our brain. Thus there are theoretically two inducing methods of channelling: by the body itself or by the subconscious brain.

If the channelling Is solely due to the electricity of the body itself, then it is that we use our “conscious brain” to command our “subconscious brain” to stop all the thoughts from being intercepting the neural activity of the body. It is to let the body fully in control of the neural network. Knows that the muscles contraction is due to the electrochemical process on the neural receptor and the chemical process is stimulated by the signal coming from our neural network, if the brain is not the one which processes and sends the signal, then the signals must be coming from the neural network itself connecting all the body parts. There are branches of neural protocols in our body parts, and they are all connected in our spinal cord and centered in our brain. As the brain is not interrupting the signal anymore, while the signal is still passing through our brain and the brain is still able to read the signal, the commands and processes of the signal must be done by the body itself. This deduces that the body itself has its own automatous intelligent (AI, it does not matter with the term “Artificial Intelligent” since the idea is almost the same here).

Therefore, the idea of channelling, is to let the brain not to take charge of the body senses (of how the brain should treat the body to feel good) but to learns the body in response to the senses itself.

Another way of inducing the channelling is a partially bodily-self-induced, intended by the brain’s intention. Theoretically speaking, it is by having the brain ordering the AI of the body to do what the brain is intended. This happens when one has adopted to channelling of being able to control it by will. However it can happens that some channellers do not undergo the period of practice but instinctively learned without any guidance. In this type of channelling, sometimes the channeller intended to be in a learning perspective, sometimes it is to use the channelling or body’s AI for therapeutic purpose. The body movements are still not being interrupted by the brain, yet the movements are done according to what the brain is intended for.

Another way of explaining the partially self-induced channelling type is, it is done by the subconscious of the brain, that conscious brain is intended itself to withdraw from the body and let the subconscious brain take charge of the body. This deduces that the conscious brain interacts with the subconscious brain through the channelling / body movements / body’s AI. There are several examples of channelling that adapts with the theory of subconscious brain, such as Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing and Self-hypnosis. The complete nature of our subconscious brain is still in research and has many debates. This type of channelling sometimes relates to “entity channelling”, where the channeller believe that he/she is working on inducing the a “external” personality that behaves like a “real entity”. To conclude, this type of channelling is really depending on the intention of the channeller.

The practical senses of inducing the channelling, of how to induce the “self-induced electricity” in our body-brain circuitry are as follow:

1) To focus and relax the brain until the body moves by itself. (Total bodily self-induced electricity)

2) To remember, imagine and reanimate the dream state and let the body moves by itself. (Total bodily self-induced electricity) This is a story of how I had learn channelling. I was dreamt myself channelling and after I woke up and tried, it worked. The thing about how the dream inspires me to channel is that when I am in dream, I recall that I act like another person that sometimes it is completely different than me in reality. This suggest that the dream’s consciousness is related to the body’s neural network.

3) To focus and relax the body until the body moves by itself, and then focus on the body movements while relaxing the mind. (Total bodily self-induced electricity) Note that it is to avoid thinking during the channelling because the thoughts can influence the result.

4) To focus and relax the body, with a purpose in mind, and then to order/let the body moves by itself, and then focus on the body movements while relaxing the mind, or constantly thinking and interacting with the channelling. (Partial bodily induced electricity) Depends on what the intention is, the body will stop on a point to await another commands or to be ended.

There are other methods of inducing the channelling, but many are not congruent with scientific terms. The methods are most likely a partial bodily self-induced electricity type. This requires a much complex investigation for understanding what their intentions are.

The difficulty of this experiment is, unlike the usual way of experimentation that is conducted through some external apparatus or test subject, channelling is however a self-experimentation that the variable is within the thought of the test subject. Although the theory suggest that the brain to not linger with the channelling, but in the actual situation it is impossible to stop the brain from thinking because the body senses can never be removed brain. It is similar to dreaming that some incidents in the dream just happens to wake up people because of how brain reacts to the body senses.

To summarize, to have a consistent channelling, the channeller has to carry the channelling in the way that to avoid the intention of the brain interrupts the body movements. This will simplify the investigational work on analyzing the body movements and the effects of channelling, without the need of including the personality of the test subject.

1.4 Discussion: Bodily self-induced electric type channelling as a function of neutralizing body statics

There are many movements that can occur in channelling. Since we are talking about human system as body-brain electric circuit, the way to understand these movements can be referred as a self-governing electricity.

The natures of electricity are: Opposite charges always attract to each other, non-conductive medium will be polarized under electric field and serves as capacitor, charges will always trying to find an equivalent field or ground state, etc.

There are four possibilities of the channelling:

1) If the body is positively or negatively charged, the body movements will be, after period of time of channelling, lock into a position like a polarized solid arranged statically to the electric field.

2) If the body is neutral/discharged, no body movements will be produced.

3) If the body is polarized/charged, the channelling will move for a period of time and stop when fully discharged.

4) If the body is polarized/charged but in the way that the summation of positive and negative charges will never find an equivalent position, the movements will be infinite and never stopped.

The result I found on my personal channelling is case 3). That is, after I finished a channelling cycle I cannot do it anymore, until I have gone somewhere else did something so then I can do for another session. However, sometimes if I am intended to continuously channelling, it will go for another cycle but will eventually stop and move no more.

The channelling can never be the same, although some similar movements has occurred, but it has never been identical.

Therefore, of what I can conclude here is, channelling happens because of our body have charged up during our interaction with the environment (to live our life). By mentally tuning in correctly the body finds its way and discharges the statics by random movements, which involves the process of arranging, neutralizing and dissipating the charges.

1.5 Question and purpose of channelling: Does it good for our body?

Like many other alternative healings, channelling has never been largely accepted in science community.

So I can only say it on my personal experience.

The most significant thing I can feel after a channelling session is that my body and mind is relaxed.

I never feel something wrong with channelling, I never feel of being “possessed by an entity”.

To be honest, if you are asking me if this really helps to improve my health? I would said that it is neutral. In eastern qigong community, channelling is done outdoor and functioned like exercise. If this is the case, then channelling can be good for health.


However, I never have a chance to conduct a total interference-free environment to put the channelling to the greatest test, due the limits of my social condition here. Nor I have a chance to properly investigate the channelling,  such as measuring blood pressure, heartbeat, mental activities, which requires a handful investment.

There are a lot of channellers if you want to find one, in fact they are available everywhere online.

Western and eastern have different ideas of what a channelling is for. In western, channelling is usually referred to “entity channelling”. While in eastern, channelling in qigong is known as spontaneous qigong or zifagong.

I am writing it out here as a hobbyist, I am not yet ready to dedicate myself into this fully. If you find this interesting you can take my note as a freebie, I do not intended to patent this with my name.

1.6 What would a channelling means on other living things on earth?

It is possible that the channelling becomes more complicated on how it will interact with environment. What if the channelling in facts has been happening in all of the life forms on earth? The meaning of channelling maybe more than what we can imagine. One of the example is that the natural trait of animal passing down generations by generations, besides of DNA, it may be stored as a circuitry system (It is very usual for channelling to behave like an animal). Knows that the in electrodynamics, the movements of a polarized/charged object is depending on the geometry of the object, channelling maybe a key to unlock the mystery of life forms on the earth.


2.1 A science approach on telepathy

This is a very interesting yet another hard piece of reality check that has been poorly accepted in science.

As similar to channelling, what I am going to explain here is based on human system as body-brain circuitry.

If channeling is about removing our brain’s interference from our body so that the body moves by itself, then, telepathy is about to removing our body’s senses from our brain so that the brain can think itself.

But before I can proceed to that point, I need to explain something first.

2.2 The existence of mental focal point

There is a method to test and understand the nature of mental focal point.

The only thing that is required here is a pendulum.

An easy example of a pendulum is the optical mouse that you used for computer.

Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the thread/wire of the mouse located about 15cm away from the pendulum/mouse and hang it up in the air. Put your elbow on your table and relax your hand so that the pendulum will not shake.

Once the pendulum is stilled, focus your sight into the mass center of pendulum and try to really move the pendulum with your thought. It is not to imagine it swings, but to really push it by your mental focal point like an invisible force. Keep your sight/mental focal point with the center of the pendulum, follow its movement and make it swing harder. Try to change its direction or rotate it.

If it does not move, retry by holding the thread further away from the pendulum or change it with a heavier and denser one.

This has been tasted on many of my friends and some people could not have it worked. Mostly due to the weight of the pendulum is too light and the shape is too big or fancy.

There will always people being skeptical if this test is valid.

No matter what, the idea here is to show you that it is easier to move the pendulum if you focus it right.

You can retry this by focus somewhere else along with the thread up to the tips of your thumb and index finger. You will find out that it is harder to move as compared to you focus right into the mass center of the pendulum.

In correlation of this to telepathy, is that it has be correctly focused for being able to do it. It simply fails no matter how hard you have focused if you do not focus it right in the spot.

2.1 Cont: A science approach on telepathy

When our brain is receiving erroneous neural signal that is not coming from our body senses, such as due to drugs, our brain will perceive something which is known as hallucination.

Science has been studying the brain through readings of brainwave and neural activity. Although it has been known that our brain’s cells are fixated after a matured of time, the understanding of how the brain cell remembers and initiate a thought is still a myth. There are theories suggest that it is depending on how our neural cells connects and how the neural signal interacts. Another way to view it is by taking the computer as comparison, that the neural information is encoded and decoded digitally, just it is way more complex that no science is currently able to crack the programming of the brain yet.

With the proposed theory of human system as body-mind circuitry, we can assume that our brain is, like body’s AI, has its own AI as well, which is the telepathy. The idea here is that, if we remove our brain from being interrupt by our body senses, we can actually access the hallucination directly, without the need of drugs.

Like body, brain may also has accumulated strain-thought electricity due to our abused of body senses and mental desires. To access the brain’s AI, it requires, just like the method in channelling, firstly by removing our external influences to stop accumulating the strain-thought electricity in our body-brain circuitry, secondly by relaxing our body and mind to remove the strain-thought electricity, finally, it is to induce the self-induced electricity. However this time, it happens inside our brain.

This type of telepathy does not work like the way as mentioned in fiction, that the telepath can receives a voice inside his/her head. Instead, it requires us to imagine a self-questioning-answering conversation in order have the telepathy worked. By that, it is then to feel the sense in the brain that it responds to the imagined self-questioning-answering conversation. It will choose the a certain conversation like choosing a multiple objective questionnaire and you need to be able to feel it inside your brain. An analogy to this is like tuning into an imagined radio station, you need to catch the feeling of “correctly focused/tuned”.

Why is there is a sense of telepathy inside the brain? Perhaps the brain works like a wave, when one is thinking of something, there will be an interference and the strongest antinode which sparks the neural activity. However this is never been reported in any research.

2.3 Randomness and imagery personification of telepathy

The suggestion (a feedback by giving in the imagination) that is made by telepathy is not spontaneous since it requires a focus. It behaves like having a personality since its random choice on imagery conversation will differs from the perspective of the telepath-er. The randomness of telepathy is however will consequently lead to a logical thinking if the telepath continues to question, reason and understand the choice given by the telepathy and is not random anymore. (In my personal experience) Telepathy can: 1) Has errors and self-admits that it is giving a bad suggestion, 2) Has given a good suggestion that satisfy the telepath, and, 3) Has given a neutral suggestion that the suggestion is not satisfying, while at the same time the telepath him/herself is unable to make a good decision and use telepathy as a intended random choice. So mathematically speaking, the behavior of telepathy has 1/3 probability of making a bad, good and neutral choice each assuming it is totally random. However when the choice of telepathy is going through second, third or higher iteration up to the point where telepath has finally satisfied, the bad choice will almost be eliminated and is not neutral at all. This is because the telepathy has a learning curve and the probability of the three branches changes at higher iteration. The learning curve is however, like a human behavior, is not permanent and susceptible to loss in a long run. This concludes that the telepathy will eventually leads to the development of an imagery personality inside the brain. To summarize, telepathy is initially random, but the randomness of telepathy will lead to a non-random final decision through iteration due to an inhibited learning curve, thus resulting a different final choice as compared to what the telepath has initially thought of, and that develops the imagery personality.

The imagery personality can only be grown by your imagination and will never be thought that is not of yours. Unless it is due to some externally induced hallucination such as drugging.

However, like channelling, telepathy is highly depending on the telepath’s personality, because sometimes it can purposely trick the telepath to have fun. In my own experience, the joke by telepathy has never really harmed me. Perhaps if the telepath chooses to inflict injuries to him/herself, it may have happen. Since I believe that no one should harms him/herself so it never happens to me that way.

Another way of explaining the imagery personification, is the theory of subconscious brain, that the behavior of subconscious differs with the conscious mind. If the telepath choose to believe that he/she can telepathically connect to an “external entity”, it can happen.

In regards of why there can be a random decision and a personality split in our brain, can be dated back to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, stating that a certain pair of physical complementary variables cannot be known simultaneously. In this case, it is to relate the human’s behavior on choice decision. Knows that it is all neural and electrical interaction, as the telepath picks a certain signal that is processed by the brain (says a certain location or momentum, which is a “feeling” as how our brain perceive), then it is to say the signal gathered is probabilistically located somewhere somehow in our brain but certainly there will be a decision, thus leads to the randomization and personality split.

Besides from the choice made by highly iterated telepathy, telepath can choose the first or low iterated telepathy. The error is of course high. However the error can varies with different situation. Depends on the telepath, the decision made by telepathy is quite consistence when dealing with a well-known issue, but is very erratic when dealing with the one that is occasionally studied. However, the benefits of choosing low iterated telepathy is that it shortens or even skips the period of reasoning when performing a task, thus yields a higher productivity. This happens because human can be over-analyzed and leads to time and energy wasting. In this case, it is not entirely that the telepathy gives a good decision, it is that the person should have known the way of working his/her task, but he/she chooses to waste him/her time and energy on unproductive analytic work.

There have been researches reporting that self-talk is good for personal development. Telepathy may provide a deeper insight of the nature of self-talk.

2.4 Combining both channelling and telepathy, change of habit by random personification

It can be concluded on both channelling and telepath that they inhibit the nature of randomness and imagery personification, one by movements and another is by perceptions.

When both combines, the imaginary personality of telepathy will automatically adapt with the movements of channelling. This happens because channelling and telepath can be combined and used as one. It is actually a combination of the partially bodily self-induced electricity type channelling with the telepathy. However this will not be discussed since it is not intended to deal with this partial type of channelling here.

I have found out that the practice of randomness and imagery personification (“random personification” in short) of channelling and telepathy can really change my habit, such as sexual activity, sleep pattern, thought pattern, attitude to someone, eating, decision making, baby-sitting, and some other daily tasks.

In my previous attempts, some of my habits are really hard to be changed by discipline, in fact it often fails just after a few days of temporal success, or even worsen after that. The habit changes due to the random personification that inflicts the normalized decision of the person. This may provide an alternative therapy in regarding to the human behavior.

Another possible usage of channelling and telepathy is the development of creativity. This is simply because of the random personification that likes to lead to a different decision. In other word, it is to let go a bit of the logical habit and let the acceptable error to occur, so that the joke is not overly intentional but looking more natural.

2.5 Puzzles on channelling and telepathy

There are many movements can be occurred in channelling. Some of them are quite strange, such as the imitation of animalistic movements. However it can still be explained on how we are related with animals and nature through gene and trait.

However, it happens that there are two types of movements that are not found in nature. Of what I have researched, they are closely resembled to mantra and mudra in Hinduism, or different names in other religions. There is however no detailed scientific report available on what these do.

In case for telepathy, I have tried different methods to see if it can really produce the direct hallucination like “having an image/voice/sense occurring inside the brain” like the one mentioned in fiction or superstition. Instead, I have found out that it is just the mental focal point being randomized of its (imaginary) location and movement when I try. If it is done properly, an imaginary moving light dot and imaginary voice/speech will be appeared. It has never produced any proper visual and sound that can relates consistently to our reality. However, the chance of recalling dream after awake and having lucid dreaming can be increased by practicing this kind of telepathy before sleep. This may simply due to the intense focus of telepathy. In addition, telepathy does seems to improve sleeping due to the treatment of relaxation before the start of telepathy.

3.0 Conclusion

This article provides a new insight on how we can understand human system by assuming the body-brain circuitry system.

Channelling and telepathy can be described as self-induced seizure and hallucination.

The pretreatment of relaxation in channelling and telepathy can decrease stress, improve sleep, improve memory of dreaming and induce the chance of lucid dreaming.

Channelling and telepathy are basically randomized body movements and mental perceptions.

The movements of channelling are most likely an act of discharging static of the body. The static comes from our interaction with environment due to our daily needs. The channelling is periodic and will eventually stop when the static has fully discharged.

Channelling is highly susceptible to the channeller’s intention.

Telepathy has learning curve and subsides just like a regular human behavior per time.

Telepathy improves with higher iteration. On the other hand, low interaction of telepathy can avoid over-analysis behavior.

Depends on the telepath, the error of telepathy (decision) reduces when dealing with topics that are more well-known.

Channelling and telepathy will eventually develop into an imagery personality. The imagery personality is due to the random behaviors of channelling and telepathy.

Channelling and telepathy can change and implement a new habit of a person. It is the effect of random personality that inflicts the person’s habit until a new habit is created from there.

Some of the behaviors in channelling and telepathy are not found in nature. The effect of such unnatural behavior is unknown. There are close resemblance of the behavior found non-scientific reports, which suggest that there may be hindered some scientific phenomena to be discovered for explaining the human’s behavior in belief of non-physical, paranormal and superstitious records.


So far I do not wish to put this into a full report. If you like this, you can do it yourself. I personally will not pattern this under my name, so it is free forever.

Thank you.

~dark messenger~

On investigation of channelling, telepathy and human behavior.docx


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