Napping in crowd

Many spiritualists like to follow masters of divinity

Quoting short messages to fill in the gaps of mentality

How about the rest that have heard nothing besides living

Working for money to fill in the gaps in body

I look at peoples that know nothing beside working

And find tiny diversities that form a big unity

I feel hurt if the diversities are denied

I heal myself by making myself tinier than diversity

I feel enraged if the unison is for conversion only

I quit myself from being spiritual tyranny

The pain of anything is the pain of my everything

Yet my joy of everything is the life on anything

Is the kingdom forged made up by tiny people

Or the people that forge the kingdom as be their believe

A dragon that likes to be petted

Even it has a body of a giant

Its heart is as small as an apple

Napping sweetly in a crowd

Rather than heaven that has no trouble

Rest well…


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