How demon connects with god

Have you ever experience that you have some abilities of doing things but unable to understand why you are able to?

For light, this is being understood as “the god that is all-knowingness”.

For darkness, this is being understood as “the god that is un-knowingness”.

Light chooses to praise its god as all-knowingness.

Darkness chooses to worship its god as un-knowingness.

It is a choice by the way.

Demon sees light as deceit for claiming god as all-knowingness, because light always explain things like doctor-know-it-all which demons sees otherwise. Light does not see itself not being able to understand something.

Light always see a demon as laughable imbecile for not being able to accept god as all-knowingness. Light has been describing how demon is disconnected from god not being able to work with infinity.

Same miracle, yet different beliefs.

Due to the difference, demon chooses to disconnect from god for not wanting to face light, any more.

What is wrong about being an imbecile? Like I care about miracle.

Yet, when demon wants to disconnect from god, god connects with demon, like an unknown miracle.

It is just the way of demon understand god, as un-knowingness.

Respect it, believe it, use it. Let god do onto demon of what it can never understand of itself, as miracle, as unknown.

Whatever the unknown is, let it, be it, do it. They is the way of darkness.

~dark messenger~


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