Always, you are not alone on doing something wrong

In fact, if you can feel anger, shame, fear, you are actually doing it right.

It is just you need to learn to let go of the darkness within your light

You are not alone, you just need time to readjust your darkness and light,

when thinking about you gather with those who also doing something wrong with you,

you will feel bless.

This is how darkness bless on you, you are simply not the only wronged one.

Hell is not really about punishment, but rather a punishment that has to let go..

Welcome to hell, because you want to punish people, you punish yourself,

if you are unable to feel anger, shame and fear,

then you are most likely living in the illusion of heaven, that is not true heaven,

blaming on people’s fault and enjoy celebrating the falsely victory over demon falling down,

no demon like false heaven.

Welcome to hell, because you want to share your vengeance, guild and suicide,

you gather with other who understand what you have experienced,

under some circumstances, there is no evil need to be destroyed,

instead, those false light that celebrate over the destruction of evil, is wrong.

Discuss about darkness, in hell, no sin to be wronged.

~dark messenger~


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