Real spirituality and false spirituality

Real spirituality and false spirituality comparisons

Real: Dissolve evil to become good

False: Call good to defeat evil

Real: Feel happy when evil turns good

False: Feel happy when evil fails

Real: Claim achievements for everyone

False: Claim achievements only for good

Real: Apologize of wrong doings

False: Apologize only to good

Real: Show path for evils

False: Blame on evils

Real: Foresee problems and embrace as opportunities

False: Forecast catastrophes to call defences

Real: Open to any opportunity and accept failures

False: Conspire opportunity and stay away from fault

Real: Create real results to gain trust

False: Create false promises to gain power

Real: Endure sufferings and stay happy

False: Disgrace sufferings and unhappiness

Real: Endure blames and develop self

False: Enjoy blames and neglect critics

Real: Backup by knowledges and works

False: Backup by fans and ensure reputation

Real: Take notes

False: Create arguments

Real: Explain wrong doings

False: Despise wrong doings

Real: Understand difficulties

False: Call other stupid

Real: Validate teachings carefully

False: Claim and promote teachings blindly

Real: Discusse different thinkings

False: Discredit faulty teachings

Real: Consider other’s opinions to talk and learn

False: Gain by looking other’s imperfectness

Real: Cooperative

False: Attack cooperation


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