Virtual money and virtual dharma

Money is something weird, it has a value, but it is not real. So if this virtual value exists in both material and spiritual world, what will it be in spirituality? It seems like the nearest term will be “dharma”.

Honestly, if I have a choice, I wouldn’t use this term. Sadly I can’t find any better one. It means something like your good doings will be “banked” (into metaphysics or spiritual means), and you can use it as cover up for your bad doings, the “karma”. Some say it recorded as “akashic record”, a system that archives everything in life. (Alright,  I am not relating this with Hinduism or heaven and hell stuffs, just borrowing the words.)


Bad and good of virtual value

Is money a bad idea in human society? Yes and no.

Without money, human will still live in batter system as in stone age. Mathematically speaking, money is a result of standardizing the value of material properties. Without money, higher logistical trading is impossible.

Bad side of money? Yes, when peoples are living in a materialistic world measured only by money, they lost in materialistic possession. Peoples abuse money without concerning how physics works in matter, only recognize money, to earn and buy everything with money.


Imbalance of virtual value

A physical world system that measures by money is imbalance. Job like gold mining is incomparable with farming, the first give higher profits than the later, yet without farming the gold miners would end up starving. There is no way to control the individual properties if without government, and even with government there will still be imbalance because there are a lot of soft skills and non physical tasks that hardly measurable by physical properties, we just create the measurement by each of our own standards.

Moving on to the next, same concept is also applied to spirituality.

With our banking system  (akashic records) of our good and bad doings, which we wishfully believe that our fortune comes by our good doings, and suffering faces us when we do bad. Yet the question remains since it is difficult to judge what is right and wrong. Just like our money system where we simply create measurements to value of a property, and the soft skill and physical task things. This will be the same in dharmic system where some good doings will have greater dharma than the other.


Dept and loan of virtual value

We can have debt and loan in money system, so spiritually speaking, why not the karma and wrong doings too?

Wait? Oh, ok, but, to loan future money dharma?

Why not? People can try to promote him/herself with something like makes promise or contract with other, whatever the thing he/she is up to. Later, either he/she will fulfill or break his/her promise or contract. So it is possible to have debt or loan, if we try to look at that way. (Well, it is more like everyone current works are poured into the person whom make future promise or contract.)

Probably everyone wouldn’t like to have debt and loan, and wishfully work on a life that continuously gives good fortune. Sometime people wants a property but do not have enough money, therefore borrows from others. Dharma, in that sense, as borrowing from others, to solve one’s karma, thus the person will get karma from others as pay back or others might get involved with the person’s karma if the person is unable to pay back.


Paying back the dept and loan

People often refers karma as bad doings that returns to the doer, like if somebody is having bad luck, it must be from something he/she has did wrong. Karma, under dharma, becomes a lack of good doings that needs to return, thus there is no such thing as bad doings. In materialistic sense, you don’t destroy somebody’s money and properties as a pay back on what other has owned you. That is never a solution.

If you destroy somebody’s properties, for sure you need to pay it back. Moreover if it is something that people depends on to work and earn money, then not only you have to pay back what you have destroyed, but also to compensate what the person has disabled due to your action. Under this situation, karma is indeed a result of you doing bad and you have to pay it back, yet, it is never the case that there will be something that punishes you.


Anyway, money and dharma are just virtual values. Without good management and government, these virtual values will cause problem. More importantly, they have to connect back to the nature and return what has been consumed.

~dark messenger~


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