True name and false ego

When a person’s name is describe by word, such as “he/she (name) is good/evil”, his/her identity losses because the name should have no meaning at all but a plain identity of a person.

Many has been talking about ego, yet they are adding many names with descriptive words. People like to add the words that are good onto their own names, while throwing the bad to those whom they dislike. Ego or not ego, is and cannot be done just by adding words into the name. It can only be measured by your action. Saying that I am egoless is meaningless unless you have been trying to not add words into anyone’s name. You cannot fool people with your action no matter how beautifully you has described yourself.

The truth is, we cannot live without names and words, which that name is just a name and should have no meaning at all (although we prefer to have a name with meaning) and then the words that describe everything in our life. Only the problem is we put words into our names.

Name, initially without any meaning, follows by words that the name creates for understanding everything. Later, the name adds the words onto itself to work on itself, which is how and where the ego started.


One of the most frequent spiritual works involves putting words into name. Although it is said that saying the word is meaningless without putting any action, however, action cannot be executed without word too. We still need to experience ego in order to understand the words we have created.

The reason of why ego causes trouble in us, is because we do not detach words from our names.

Ego is helpful for a person to experience new words or words that has never been experienced before. However, it is not helpful when one attaches to it and does not want to experience something different. It would create an egoistic spirituality even it is seems to be expanding words and experiences. Peoples does nothing with the ego yet tries to keep it, by adding more similar words over and over on a same name, repeating the same experience yet believing it does differently.


There is another type of ego that involves, instead of adding words into name, the name adding words into words. The more the name is working on a specific group of words, the more then name is attached to the words yet the name has never put the words onto itself. Something like third person perspective.


The name of God

Like us, God is also a name. However, God is actually beyond the name, we use a name to call God because we need to say it out. On the other hand, God has many names, because it also encompasses everything.

Anyone who adds word onto the name of God, is actually limiting the beyond-ness of God. However, since God encompasses everything, God is also the every egos.




Name calling

We call others’ name because we need help, or, we put our names out for people to call our helps.

Like the relation between name and egos, people tend to add words over the name when calling it, thus indirectly creating ego over the name. The name can choose to accept that ego and lend a help according the the word or to deny the call. This causes a complex situation since the name can be absorbed into the incoming ego or the denied ego is reabsorbed into somewhere else (most likely back to the person whom call the name).


It is hard to tell if ego is wrong or not, since without word name calling cannot do anything at the same time using word on name calling creates attachment on ego.

Sometimes, people even creates name that has never been existed before yet firmly believing in it. (Will be absorbed to somewhere else and most likely the person who created the name, but what if more than a person call the name? Maybe the ego is reabsorbed except the name.)


That’s all for this topic for now.

Have a good name! (and never be serious with ego.)

~Dark messenger~

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)


2 thoughts on “True name and false ego

  1. Dear Dark:

    I am new to this website and you are the very first “epistle” I have read here. As I read through, I became increasingly aware that your command of the English grammar was, well, horrid. At the very end, however, I see that you reference “perfect language”. As I am, quite literally, imperfect, I supposed that perhaps I should go back and give it another go, looking deeper into the meaning of the confusing passages. After re-reading I found that, perhaps, if you were giving some verbs as nouns (as ideas) then I could make a new meaning, but this failed me to enlighten any further a clear logic coming through. Therefore I feel as though I am either hopelessly imperfect so as to achieve even a taste of understanding of your insight and should perhaps ask for some basic lessons on interpretation; or you disdain both punctuation and emphasis, and perhaps don’t care to read your own words so that they might be edited for grammatical errors (like putting both present and past-tense words in sentences that refer to only one object). Forgive me, please, really, I am not trying to discredit you, but, WOW, you are really far out. I realize that I have inserted ego here without regard, but I am just a grasshopper, right?

    • Thanks for the comment. Sadly this has been happening to me and I am really trying to work my English out but so far this is the what I can come out with. Anyway, this is not my concern at this moment. I will hire professional to correct me if I feel a need to put everything into a book.
      Really, I am glad somebody can point this out for me.
      Of course, if you are here just to read my mistakes, please jump to somewhere else. I have no problem at all reading other’s bad English. I do not grow any specific grass just to suit grasshopper’s appetite.

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