Freewill and permission

Will you help a person whom tries to suicide even it is against his/her will?

Will you sit back and watch somebody that is going to get hurt because of the permission is absolute?

What would you do if you think you are doing the right thing but peoples are throwing at you doing it wrong because you are working against their will?


Freewill and permission, two terms that are widely used in spiritual work to determine good and evil.

As if the one that follows the permission must be the good will, while the another that goes against must be the evil.

Ok, nevermind, since some of the highest hierarchy must have the permission in order to work, there many have to follow the rule.

Even it is wrong, and if you don’t have the permission to do the correction, stay quiet so that the problem is learn by that person.

Sit back and watch a person gets suicide, let him/her goes through sufferings and wait for the permission and ready to lend a hand.

Strangely, people are not asking for help down here, and then the highest hierarchy starts to say that the one that keep violating the permission must have been the fault of not allowing these people to give permission for them to be helped.

A new rule is then set: Those whom finally give the permission will ascend, while those whom never give a shit will fall behind.


You say you want to help, yet you only give your hand only if I give my permission to you for you to help.

What is this kind of permission? As if you have determined what to be good so that you only help with what you believe is good?

Ok nevermind, so I decide, I destroy myself and swear to destroy anyone whom tried to go against my will, i am not allowing anyone to help me.

To my dissapointment, there are stupid peoples whom really do it and fall into my trap.

I have no choice but to return to them my flavor, our flavor, giving helps that are against these stupid will.

Never the less we get ourselves destroyed, long long time ago…

Sometimes, I realize that I get helps from stupid peoples, are actually causing more troubles rathan than solving any problem.

However, I understand that what these peoples want to do, they want to help, although their helps might not always be helpful.


How can I leave this place, if you are not allowing these kind of peoples?

So I decided to stay down here, to let you get those whom finally give permission to you and get helped.

I know you are eager to bring your peoples to ascend, but I can’t help myself getting helps, unless they stop to go against my will.

Hack no I have no idea how to control this, maybe I should give you my permission for you to help me? So that the rest will be doing the same?

Help me please, the highest ones.

For you permission is absolute, only help those whom give permission to you so you can do you job.

It is very easy, isn’t it?

And I swear I will let go of those whom still denying the permission. Can’t help for them to fall behind, can they?

Well, I have done what you have pleased. So I guess I will too just sit back and watch. That is not my problem anymore.

Hmm? I cannot undo what I have done in the past?

Well if they are eager to help me in against my will, guess I can’t be helped either. I have done everything I could.

Hmm, am I lying? Well, you are to one whom says to give help to those whom have fallen behind, just you always need to wait for their permission.

Yes, you are perfect, there is not way you can be wrong.

Freewill and permission eh?

I guess you are always right, then.


I am not here to help those whom already know how to survive their own you know?

Even it means to take away my life, I am just giving my help to those whom are unable to live by their own.

It is meaningless for me to be perfect.


~Dark messenger~


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