Dream, thought and emotion

Trying to play with some metaphysics on dream or also known as astral plane.

Brain consists of (electrical) neural signal and (electromagnetic) brainwave activity, there are scientist working on decoding the brain, creating device like the brain-controlled-exoskeleton.

I do believe that dream can be decoded in digital one day, since dream is formed by thoughts and thoughts are electricity, so why dream not be digital?


Dream, thought and emotion as electricity

Electricity, as in digital technology we know of, contains information and logic (binary algorithm). Since brain activities can be decoded and digitized, so does with thought since they are the same thing.

However, brain does not completely recognize the electricity, the neural signal, like computer does. Computer only is only able to process under the logic, while brain is only able to recognize electricity that sends from the body, as sense. In case that if we are able to decode the electricity sends from the body and sense, we can actually produce the electricity that mimics the body sense and send to our brain to manipulate our body system.

So, it seems that there are two types of electricity here, the one that is logic (electricity that brain processes into logic and sends to body but can also be decoded to control machine), and another that is sensual (electricity that body senses from physical environment and sends to brain and if can be decoded we can produce artificial senses that manipulates brain and body system).

On the other hand, dream is understood as out-of-body experience (OBE), although the actual phenomenon is unidentified. Up to now science only knows that dream is related to brain activities (when sleep). In spirituality, OBE is described as astral projection, where dreamer travels in dream/astral plane with astral body outside of physical body .

If dream is also an electrical interactions, it would be the electrical interaction of thought and emotion thus explain why dream feels nearly identical yet have no effect on the physical reality. However, since during sleep our brain and body are somehow disconnected, the electricity is not coming from body sensing physical environment nor the brain is processing the logic, then it is highly possible something that is beyond body and brain.

The electricity is of body and brain is not necessarily the neural network and brainwave activity. In fact, electricity is in everywhere because there are electrons in every atoms. So what if the electrical interaction of dream is from these everything? That would mean the dream/astral plane is electric medium on earth, while the astral body is electricity on (around) body and brain (like electrostatic) excluding the neural network and brainwave activity (not that the neural and brainwave are dead, but the connection in between them).

As this goes metaphysically further/deeper, earth, will be the primal electric medium, while each of the fractal bodies/matters on earth are the individual one. When life forms are created on earth, the electrical medium became lifelike, that is when we started to dream.


Dream experience: Outside or inside body?

What is actually happened when a person is having OBE when dreaming?

Starts from the time when a person falls asleep, his/her body is disconnected from brain and then something happens. It is hard to tell if the person gets his/herself projected into dream/astral place, where he/she leaves body and brain or not.

However there is one thing for sure, whenever the person has experienced in dream/astral plane, will be affecting his/her brain as well as body. There will be no difference of saying that if the person has “gone” outside or inside during sleep, because the electrical interaction happens simultaneously at both inside and outside.

Another point is that our brain can only recognize and remember what has been received. If dreaming is an independent OBE that externally projected outward, without having biological interaction in our brain and body internally, we wouldn’t be able to remember any of our dream. Of course, you can say that the person is having an OBE, experiencing things in dream/astral plane, where everything will be recorded into the person’s electricity, and after the person goes back to his/her body and brain, then finally the biology on brain and body happen. However, it is highly not this case since whenever we are trying to wake up a person from a sleep, we always succeeded, or, when we are dreaming, we always been woke up instantaneously by physical disturbance.

Another more weird way to explain about this astral body and dreaming thing is that they are connected through some quantum mechanics and light speed thing. Well, it does make sense in explaining how a person perceive no delay from dreaming to sudden waking-up. However, I don’t think there would be any difference since it is only about the electricity.


Difference between dream and near-death-experience (NDE)

Dream and NDE are both OBEs. The difference is that NDE happens when the body and mind are at the edge of death… well, let just assume WHAT IF case when we are dead: As our body are decomposed and go back to earth, what will happen to us then? Our body will no longer bounds our electricity (thoughts and emotions) thus we release ourselves into boundless electrical beings. Here, we experience a type of OBE in a medium that has totally disconnected from matters. On the other hand, dreaming is, since our body and mind are still functioning so we are bound to the matters, thus is another type of OBE where it happens within the medium of matters (on earth).


Brain and body: Thought and emotion

Dreaming is nearly identical to what has experienced in physical reality.


Thought is logic, which we can understand as our brain activities. (Metaphorically…)

Emotion is sense, which we can understand as our body neural signals.

Each of our thoughts and emotions can be similar and different. We are always attracted to each others’ similarities while get distance with differences.

Our thoughts and emotions grow with our life. Unless we have injury on our neural system and loss our memories, that would mean we create more thoughts and emotions from time to time.

Or we are death and the thoughts and emotions decompose along with the matters.


Sharing our thoughts and emotions on dream/astral plane

If our thoughts and emotions are sharing through dream/astral plane (on earth), that would mean we have another interacting medium besides the physical reality.

What we experience in dream is actually the manifold of thoughts and emotion of every matters on earth.

However, the hardest part of trying to understand a dream is the irregularity and illogical occurrences.

Since we get used to physical reality, we don’t really care about our dream/astral plane. We keep creating more thoughts and emotions onto the plane but do nothing about it. We do not work for our “dreams” and leave them astray in the plane, because we have been taught ourselves that “dream” is not real. (Well, I would relate this with entropy, technically speaking.)

Well, what about the electrical noises from natural environment and urban pollution? Since these noises aren’t really intellectual and emotional, perhaps they are just some weird dreams. (I guess…)


Clearing and healing our dream/astral plane

It is hard to explain to other why stop thinking and exploiting body senses can help here (I mean something like mediation), to clean our dream/astral plane, to be conscious and responsible in dream.

However, as long as humans are trying to improve themselves with positive thinking and healthy exercise (to clear and heal the mind and body), there should be no problem. (An indirect physical treatment to our “dreams”.)

There is another way to work with dream/astral plane, which involves of working with matters and alchemy stuff… well… I feel like enough for now. There will another metaphysical topic about that.


~dark messenger~


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