Mental focus meditation (and dowsing with your body and mind)

I learn this meditation technique in year 2014 and have been practicing this to heal myself. Long story short, I am able to tap into “other consciousness” of myself which helps me to go through my life. Decide to write it out as manual, there are terminologies and descriptions that I am trying to figure out here. So, if you find strange words, try to ask question here. It is hard for me to explain to other person without knowing what people will be thinking of.

Mental focus and psychokinetic movement

To start explaining this meditation technique, I will take the example of pendulum. If you don’t understand what a pendulum is, you can read it here: (there is a groups in ISN working with pendulum healing here)

There are two things you need to learn from the pendulum in order to understand the meditation technique that I will be explaining later. Now, hang your pendulum with your hand in still:

i) Psychokinetic movement: Focus your mind at the pendulum and try to move it with your mind. Don’t move your hand. If you are able to move it, that’s all you need to learn here, to move the pendulum solely by your mind, which is also called as psychokinesis (the reason why psychokinesis works the easiest with pendulum because our hand projects into in and get focused. Other kind of psychokinesis, if passes through ground of air, dissipate into surrounding and normal people won’t be able to do it). Now, stop the pendulum with your mind (push it in wherever the opposite direction is, or more like pulling and pushing it back to the its center).

ii) Mental focus causes movement: Next, again, focus your mind at the pendulum until it starts to move by itself and when it moves, keep your mental focus at it until it stops by itself. Don’t try to move your hand. If you are able to move the pendulum with your plain mental focus so ok that’s all you need to experience here. This is similar to some extreme psychics that are able to blow up light bulbs, because intense mental focus is concentrated there.

This is to explain that intense mental focus creates movement, which is exactly how this meditation technique works. You focus your mind so that your body moves by itself.

If you don’t have a proper pendulum, you can use anything that can hang still as one, such as your computer mouse.


There are basically two types of mental focus meditation:

1) Static focus meditation

2) Dynamic focus meditation


1) Static (holding still) focus meditation

As explained earlier (ii), plain mental focus can cause movement. To do this with your body, what you need to do here is:

a) Stop thinking – You mind has been controlling your body. In order to move your body with your plain mental focus, you will need to forget everything you have been taught in this physical reality, especially on how your body should behaves and feels. This may sounds odd because you might probably thinking about how your body is going to move if you are not moving it, but you have to stop thinking.

b) Focus and hold still of your thoughtless mind – Once you have stopped your thought, you need to focus and hold it. There is a difference between to just stop thinking and to focus and hold your thoughtless mind. To stop thinking is to stop all of your mental activities, which will eventually lead you to fall asleep. Remember how you have moved the pendulum with your plain mental focus? It is similar to that. You have to focus and hold the correct thoughtless mind, wherever it is, until your body starts to move by itself. The thoughtless mind is not just within your head, but can be anywhere because the mind can focus (and psychokinetically move) at everywhere. So don’t mind with the physical senses, just mentally sense where your thoughtless mind is. If you are sensing it right, your body will be starting to move by its own. You maybe feel a kind of mental shift when you are ignoring your physical senses. Or, you maybe feel like there is an “other consciousness” moving your body (Like you plug your mind into your other-self’s mind and it is controlling of your body).

c) Keep focusing and holding still on your thoughtless mind – If your body starts to move by its own, don’t think about how your body moves and feels. Keep focusing on your thoughtless mind and let it does anything it wants (like the pendulum healing, to let it moves by itself to do the energy work. See pendulum healing with chakra video here) and let it stops by itself. When it is stopped, you can sense that the thoughtless mind is gone from your mind. That’s all for a session of this meditation.

So, if you understand how pendulum works, it is indeed the same the mechanics as this meditation, just this time you focus onto your mind and it is your body that moves. The rule here is: let it does its work and stop by itself.

Since your body will be moving, it is recommended that you meditate by standing ([grounding]). There are many movements like crawling, running, jumping and etc, so, don’t try to limit what the meditation will do (standing grounds and exchanges energy with earth, so theoretically, this meditation heals you by [grounding] your energy).

This is not new though, it is called kriya yoga in Indian and spontaneous qigong in Chinese philosophies.

This practice may take from a few tenth minutes to even hours to finish (per session). However, the “other consciousness” will know your situation and adjust with you and varies each time. You need to find a place with no disturbance to practice. In case you get disturbed and has to stop, mentally order your “other mind” to stop and let the body moves until it has stopped (just like the way you order your pendulum to stop immediately), just don’t stop all of sudden by your own.

1b) Dowsing with your body

Through this practice, you will find out that many times your body moves in strange ways, such as chanting mantras and drawing mudras that you have never knew before. If you are closely relating yourself to a particular non-human entity, your body will be most likely making movements related to what you have attracted to. Try not to make immature conclusion to what all these mean. Just keep open minded to any kind of possibility.

Like the pendulum dowsing, the general healing theory here is that the movement is trying to heal wherever you have blockage, like this video here.

This meditation can give you more information through body language that you have never been thought before. It is just like the pendulum dowsing, just pendulum is limited to a few simple movements. With your body, not even you can do dowsing, but to do anything spiritually. Once you are familiar with your mind with this meditation state, you can focusing it on tasks like taking bath, wearing cloth, toilet manners, eating, cleaning room, massage and anything from physical to spiritual works. To work in this manner, first, have your mind thinking about the task, sense the task in your mind like you sense your thoughtless mind, mentally focus and hold still the task in mind, and your body will be working it for you (swap “thoughtless mind” with “task” in the a)-b)-c) steps above). However, it is not like you can relax and the “other consciousness” will be working for you for free though, no, you still and always need to focus ad this takes your energy. You will find out that it does the tasks in spiritual ways: like chanting mantras and drawing mudras on your daily stuffs such as on your bath tub, computer, cloths and etc.

Like the pendulum dowsing, where you have a particular swinging movement to represent a particular answer, such as yes as up-down and no as left-right. To use your body like that way, relax your body parts that you wish to do answering, like ticking your left finger as yes and right finger as no. Focus your question into the relaxed body part, your body will give you the respond just like the pendulum.


2) Dynamic (following) focus meditation

This is my experiment on trying to induce lucid dreaming.

Unlike static mental focus meditation which is a “static” one (to focus and *hold still* on a static thoughtless mind [just as in plain focus on pendulum to produce movement]), “dynamic” focus meditation requires you to focus and *follow* your thoughtless mind (just like you try to push your pendulum mentally, a psychokinesis sense). Meaning, in this case, the thoughtless mind is being focused and moving around and you follow where it goes. To do this, you need to lie down and fully relax your body to sense it. Only your mind is moving here, ignore whatever your body feels and moves, to project your follow your thoughtless mind into your dream and have lucid dreaming.

a) (With your body lying down and fully relaxed) Stop thinking – Same as in static (holding still) focus meditation.

b) Focus and follow your thoughtless mind to wherever it is moving to – Remember how you mentally move the pendulum? Now, you need to sense in your mind to follow your thoughtless mind to wherever it is moving. Again, the thoughtless mind is not just within the brain, but can be anywhere since the mind can focus everywhere. Ignore your body’s feeling and movement.

c) Keep focusing and following your thoughtless mind – That’s all. You are trying to get into sleep and dream consciously. There will be a sense of separation of your physical body just before you get into your dream (more like separate from your physical body and get into your astral body). If you manage to lucid dream, keep focusing and following your thoughtless mind, there will be senses of energy flushing through your (astral?) body. Sometimes you can even remain awake all the time in your dream and wake up consciously. However, most of the time you will just fall into asleep but it wouldn’t matter. Just continue to sense the moving thoughtless mind until it is gone from your mind, whether you fall asleep or remain conscious or not.

So far not much experiences I have got with this meditation/astral projection technique. I can remember most of the dreams I have, some even occurs in recognizable patterns from time to time, and have some energy flushes during my sleep. Besides that, I do feel myself sleeping better and almost never having any problem with sleeping. In fact, I do this before I sleep almost every time, and I haven’t had any racing thoughts that disturb me before sleeping, like clearing all of the random thoughts before sleeping, my mind just goes focus and the next thing I know is dreaming and then wake up.

2b) Dowsing (self-talking) with your mind

You can try to familiar yourself a bit on the self-talking practices in pendulum dowsing, there are a lot of info out there on how use pendulum to dowse (talk) to your own consciousness or other entity (and a lot of different theories about dowsing), such as in video here.

To dowse with your mind, once you get familiar with the sense focusing of your thoughtless mind, you can actually ask question with your mind and get (suggestive) answer from it (which is actually yourself or your “other-self”).  However, it will not be like you ask the question in your mind and get a voice saying “yes” or “no”, but to feel your mind vibrates in your brain as “yes” or “no” or resonates with answer that you are thinking of (it feels very similar to psychokinesis). Thus you will need to have virtual conversations in your mind, which are question and answer in pair. The difference between dowsing with pendulum and mind is, pendulum requires time to act to move and mind dowsing happens instantaneously.

In short, as you focus on the virtual conversations in your mind, you try to sense the pair of question and answer that makes the largest “vibration” in your mind. If you are able to feel it, congratulation, you can now use it to mind dowse at anything, anywhere, anytime.

Take note that this is not a psychic communication though, you wouldn’t be receiving any mental image or voice. It only replies to what you are conversing in your mind and only gives information that you are able to think of. There will be no foreign information invading into your mind.

If you are unsure of what you are sensing in your mind, you can recheck it with your body dowsing as explained earlier in 1b).

This is probably the best way I have found to communicate with “other consciousness”. It helps to reduce my overthinking mind and make my progress in my life especially in decision making. A lot of my emotional and mental traumas have reduced over time over a year of conversation. However, it makes mistakes like a human does too, so don’t expect a perfect answer though.


About the “other consciousness”

There are many theories about this “other consciousness”. Higher self, subconscious, unconscious, subtle body, aura, entity… you name it. In my case, mine has actually no name at all (Jelly is just a name I give him). Although he has been showing me his has draconic traits (through body language) and many other details, but he never make any decision on whom he really is.

I have tried to do channelling (external entity) by focusing some of the famous names out there. However, all I can get is… well, all I can say is I believe that there is still a long way to go for clearing the earth energy. I meditate every day in hope this will at least help the earth in overall.



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