Demon cheats, light teaches

Cheating, always a bad thing to do especially for passing a test.

Cheating makes you less experienced and unfair to those who do not cheat.

However, some just like to cheat or help to cheat…

Usually, one of the many aspects of demon is described by spirituality as the one who helps to cheat, which means the demon knows the answer of the test and gives answer for the cheater to pass. In the sense of, the demon learns nothing because of repeating the known answer while the person learns nothing too because of cheating.

For light path, one must pass a test without cheating, which is to really learn a thing and know how to deal with it in the future. In other words, a light teacher will never tell the answer until the person has figured him/herself out.

This light path is useful in a situation where peoples are not responsible for themselves and they must figure out themselves, to not rely on others to get what they want. So once they have passed the test, they learn the responsibility and be able to be independent.

So ideally speaking, light is totally independent and not ultimately helpful. You only ask light to help you on things that you have understood and you never ask more than on what you don’t. This put light into a situation where light is only allowed to ask for help from those whom don’t understand, and this is where light have to teach, in order to get more helps.

However, there is a problem about this. When light tries to teach but without asking for help, will means that the light is trying to give help by teaching what it has learn and then tries to claims on what it has helped, is actually helping to cheat, which is turning into the dark path.

To make this clear, light is supposed to teach when it wants more help, like hires and gives training to people to involve a job. Light isn’t supposed to force help onto others and claims the result. So if you see any spiritual worker who try to claim things under the name of light by forcefully giving help to others, is not light path at all. If you want to look for a light path, go join the one that states “we need workers” to learn and to work, not the one that “we are here to help” which lure people to join and work to gain the benefit from it. Light path is not about to teach and gain the benefit for teaching it, but to teach and give away the benefit, because light only gains a benefit by learning a thing, to be independent, so not rely on teaching to gain.

A grouped light community will be having many light path-ers that constantly report on what they have learnt, with each of them simply looks for the report yet each will be diverting into different paths. There is no teacher involves here, only the flow of information. Even in case of light is looking for another light for detailed information, no one is claimed to be a teacher here. A self-proclaimed teacher is just for dark path.


Next, the dark path..

Demon does not teach, it simply takes away those who summon it to do their jobs, demon takes the jobs that are given to them and owns them.

On the other words, demon summons darkness to take away its belongings. So, in the end, whether the demon or the darkness is summoned, neither of them have owned anything but help to cheat. Demon actually learns and accomplishes nothing.

Problem arises when the demon tries to learn a thing from cheating, but then it turns to light path since it involves learning here. However, when demon tries to learn, it wishes to skip the independent learning process and just want to be able to teach in no time. In the end, what has demon learnt is corrupting the teaching later. Demon learns and teaches the wrong way by cheating.

Put it simple, darkness simply skips and do nothing. It is like there will always be obstacles in our life but not all of them we have to learn. Skipping the leaning process by cheating only corrupts the teaching. Sometimes, you just have to admit that there are things you do not want understand and has to let go. You may “cheat”, but you do not create corrupted teaching to learn something that you do not intended to really understand.



There more topics here.

Such as what if demon has successfully learnt a bit of light path but then a uses that to cheat or help to cheat? Demon lets the idiots cheat and pass the test and controls them for selfish purpose.

Oppositely, when light learns about the cheating, will be putting more tests to filter the cheaters out.

So… later… wars between light and darkness…

Well, next time to talk about that, maybe.

To end the war? Nah, there are so many other topics.


~dark messenger~


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