Binary sensual (astral) code

This is the continuation of my researches here:

Metaphysics of brain-body cyclic circuit and meditation

Metaphysics of astral dynamics, mental focus and meditation

From to my meditation experiences, I come out with the conclusion about sight and hearing being the product of static and moving mental focuses. I have been switching between the two meditations and feel that this is how the mind creates the understanding of light and sound or also known as the senses of sight and hearing.

Sense Physical (standing) / Static mental focus meditation Mental (sleeping) / Moving mental focus meditation
Sight (Mental geometry) Body posture, Writing (Mudra) Astral form, Color
Hearing (Mental collision) Physical vocal, Speaking (Mantra) Mental vocal, Music

Another feeling that I have experienced through sitting meditation is, as I combined the two mental states, it feels like when the static and moving mental focuses are combined, it further creates different senses and maybe this is how the taste, smell, touch, heat and other senses are developed.

However, when I meditate, I do not focusing on the incoming extra senses. What I am doing during the sitting meditation is just focusing on the mental senses, an intermediate between static and moving mental focuses. It is hard to describe. It is like a random mental focus happens inside my mind that continuously disappearing but then does not loss conscious. It feels blank but never gets lost. During the meditation I feel displaced, distorted, growing and shrinking etc. but I never try to shift and get distracted by these weird feelings, just continue on focusing until it is gone (finish meditate).

 Primary senses  Static mental focus, Moving mental focus
 Secondary senses  Sight, Hearing
 Tertiary senses  Smell, tastes, touch, heat and etc.

Imagine a type of big bang theory that creates from astral plane, where everything is based on senses and the zero point is the static and moving mental focuses. In the beginning of the universe, there will mostly the sight and hearing senses. At much later, they develop into smell, taste, touch, heat and other senses. 


Coding the senses into static and moving sensual binary code

I like how digital technology works in physical world, so I am wondering if this will work in astral too.

If there is a way to code the astral information into the binary code like the digital, it must be the static and moving mental focuses of psychokinesis senses. Static represents the 0 and movement represents the 1. In astral plane, the world is based on senses and thus this is the most possible way to code astral into binary code.

Imagine all of the senses, color,  music, taste, smell, touches and etc. are able to code into the binary sensual code, as information transmission in astral, it will be like a dream that bases on the transmission of the static and moving mental senses.  The information is “downloaded” in dream just like what we are experiencing in digital technology. The raw binary codes are unreadable until they are being translated. This will require an astral computer for the translation of the sensual binary codes into mentally understandable information.

binary code

Talking about the mental “download”, there is one from what New Age spirituality claims about “higher” DNA upgrades by higher frequency or light thing. Alright, to me, this theory is pretty eluding. I read New Age stuffs, but never success in understanding them fully.

The only thing I am assured is, senses influence our brain and possibly extend to our biology. Thus utilizing the senses through dream may actually do some healing to our physical body. That is the thing that I can understand, metaphysically speaking. Now, I can imagine how the sensual information can be coded into dream and explain the dream behavior and so fort.

~dark messenger~



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