The root of imbalance: Double standards

Many has been talking about imbalance in spiritual work, but most of the talks are pretty much mathematical, an imbalance of being more in one way and less in another that creates a problem.

Why is it being more in one way and less in another? Spiritually speaking, it is caused by an intention that causes the imbalance, and that intention can only mean double (or multiple) standards. The rest of the mathematical manners aren’t important actually.


Current global economy and political issues

There are a number of peoples expecting the possibility of upcoming economy and political breakdowns, in wish for bringing down the old and move forward to something new. This has been happening for years ever since the conspiracy stereotypes are being actively spreading such messages. These peoples like to see the collapse of power and wealth, blaming almost everything on those who have sided with the elites.

However, I have a question to those conspiracy stereotypes, if you wishes to see the power and wealth breakdown, do you even ever wanted to have the breakdown onto yourself? To give away your power and wealth? No? Then of what reason you can have this happening differently to yourself and the elites?

The conspiracy stereotypes will eventually be claiming that their own power and wealth (often with saying that theirs are coming from some spiritual forces) are coming from the righteous or light or holy or positive whatever the good names they have put onto themselves, as if the rest of that aren’t working with them are coming from the wrong or darkness or corrupted or negative ones. They create the double standards by putting these tags onto this world (as compared to what they claim to be unison and helping).


Double standards due to biased judgment

Despite of global issue, double standards are actually happening everywhere. The simplest form of double standards will be like, for example, two persons that are doing a similar work and yield similar result, but because of being judge by others differently, like race, sex, job, religion and etc., both get different respond. For thing that they are working produces good result, even if the results are almost similar, the one who is tagged as good will be good while the another who is tagged as bad will always be bad; similarly when something bad are caused by the two persons, the one who is tagged as good will not be the fault while the another who is tagged as bad will be the fault of everything.

Never put any bias onto peoples that work on something similar. Your judgement on people’s action is the judgement on yourself too. 

A biased judgement will always looses by democracy. The democracy is not just in politics, but applies in everywhere. You think you are able to control what others will be thinking about you, your alliance and your opponent by judging the actions of every people? No, the action of a person speaks for itself. The final winner will always be the one who do more and speak less for people.

Democracy exists in everything in this universe. You don’t have and unable to manipulate it by by explaining your judgment of your own action.


A war on double standards at critical imbalance

Have you ever think of what if it is you who are being told by someone else to do what you want other to do? Replace yourself with the person you are commanding, do you think you will do it if the person is you?

If you dislike something, you don’t tell other people to like it. If you like something, you don’t undo onto other people to just keep it for your own. The worst case will be, some people likes to dig out what other dislikes and spread the information for selfish achievement, and, to show off what people likes to the other but never willing to share any of it. This ultimately creates a critical imbalance that turns the whole situation upside down: An war due to psychological and material imbalances, to destroy the double standards that have been causing biases in the community.


Personal standard: Tolerance and freedom

However, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, a personal standard. Thus it is impossible to have an absolute unified standard.

We cannot always fight for a unified standard, but as long as we are free from commanding others due to our own personal standards, there is no need for a war.

Thus this create a freedom within a generally unified standard. By not commanding other to follow the standard, one has the choice to experience the freedom within the standard. However, it comes with a price, which is to tolerate the command from the generally unified standard on what is disliked by the person.


There is no absolute balance, imbalance always exists due to individuality. Within the imbalance, there is always a balance from each individual that are looking for unity.


~dark messenger~


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