Consciousness of forms and sounds

If you read words but do not know how they are pronounced, you won’t be able to understand them.

Even if you try to understand the words without knowing their pronunciations, you still need a language that you already familiar with to do it. Thus, the language you are using is functioning by geometrical symbols and vibrational pronunciations.

In spiritual work, it is not common to deal with sigils, spells, chants, charms and etc. I prefer to simplify these terms into mantra (sound) and mudra (form), due to my writing style (I am not relating myself with Hinduism, just borrowing better words from it.).

The question here is, how does these work?

Sound, without forms, vibrates and passes through medium, whatever the medium is, but is unable to do anything. Thus, in order to create something through sound, a form is needed.

With that, what really happens in the mantra and mudra is that an energy is stored in geometrical form, as mudra, which later activates through mantra chanting over the mudra. Without mantra, mudra stores the energy for future use. Mantra itself if not interacts with mudra, behaves as source of energy that has not been used.

Metaphysically or spiritually speaking, the energy stores in mudra and activates through mantra are the fundamentals of our “consciousness”.

Mantra and mudra can be language-like for communication purposes, but can also solely be energy works, like programming language in computer science, just in spiritual sense that mantra and mudra are programming language of consciousness.

I believe that mudra and mantra are case sensitive. If you are not using the right form and sound, you won’t be able to work with the spiritual energy. In physics, resonance happens only if the right frequency is vibrating through the right geometry.

Other than frequency and geometry, there are octaves and colors as well, there should be more complex mantra and mudra out there.


Mantra and mudra in meditation

I have been meditating and working on mantras and mudras on myself.

At a point I find out that I need to meditation naked to draw the mudras onto myself, not because of some sexual relation, but I have to use something that can create markings of the mudras.

Mudra, without using something that can create its marking, is unable to store energy. Anything can be used as marking as long as the mudra can be linked and create form of it. Some spiritualists prefer not to reveal the marking by using subtle drawing technique to hide the mudra from public, as long as the mudra can be traceable whereas the technique is kept in secret from other people.

The reason why I am meditating naked is because I find out that I can use my saliva to create the marking I needed for my mudras. Else, even I am wearing my cloths on, saliva is still the easiest thing I can use to create the marking. However since I need to work on myself, my body and energy, I need to draw onto my body and that leads me to meditate naked.


I think that’s all.


~Dark messenger~


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