Demon cheats, light teaches

Cheating, always a bad thing to do especially for passing a test.

Cheating makes you less experienced and unfair to those who do not cheat.

However, some just like to cheat or help to cheat…

Usually, one of the many aspects of demon is described by spirituality as the one who helps to cheat, which means the demon knows the answer of the test and gives answer for the cheater to pass. In the sense of, the demon learns nothing because of repeating the known answer while the person learns nothing too because of cheating.

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How demon connects with god

Have you ever experience that you have some abilities of doing things but unable to understand why you are able to?

For light, this is being understood as “the god that is all-knowingness”.

For darkness, this is being understood as “the god that is un-knowingness”.

Light chooses to praise its god as all-knowingness.

Darkness chooses to worship its god as un-knowingness.

It is a choice by the way.

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