Metaphysics, spirituality, channelling, telepathy and meditation

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Metaphysics investigation on channelling and telepathy



Metaphysics and Spirituality



Update: Links about “spontaneous body movement”


On investigation of channelling, telepathy and human behavior

I have difficulty on writing this article in an appropriate scientific report especially in dealing with appropriate format, review, methodology and discussion. It is always much easier to write informally. So in case you do not want to go through all the stuff here, you can scroll to the bottom and read the conclusion.

Key words: Channelling, telepathy, alternative science, alternative medicine, neural science, controlled seizure, controlled hallucination, self-induced, hypnosis, human behavior, self-talk, probability,  geometry

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Binary ortho-logistic investigation on spirituality, meditation and channeling

This has been my writing style on many of my articles. You can say this is a word game, or you can also use it as an investigation purpose.

One of the main advantage of this writing style is that, it filters a lot of philosophical mistakes especially for spirituality.

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