[Poem] No answer is the answer of the darkness

Spirituality has long unvalued the darkness,
yet toss out the evil to show how it is unvalued,
which disturbs the devil to get the unvalued valued,
by tossing the freewill to make it alluded,
to teach a lesson that no light can be answered,
that the answer of the darkness has never been answered.

If darkness has had an answer,
it won’t be called as the darkness.
Everyone looks into the darkness and see a light which will be known,
but is seeing a different light which is unknowingly known.
Why should you stick with the known to explain the unknown?
How could the light can be expanded without the darkness?
Instead, by letting the wisdom to be expectingly unfold,
so the fool will not be fighting on what’s to be told.

If you want to find a darkness within the light,
no matter how bright but you can always identify,
conspiracy in good deed will never truly shine,
as long as you are not willing to unbind,
you are living in a delusion regardless of prime.

If you want to see a light within the darkness,
it doesn’t matter how dim if you are willing to try,
the devil’s has never destroyed the sight,
as long as you are not believing in disguise,
you are shining with light even you are fallen behind.

~dark messenger~

Dark torturter and light conspirator

The torturer says: “I feel enraged, I want revenge, I have to torture and kill those innocent people to see and hear them scream in fear and pain, and I want more…”

And many do not understand why is it feels so good to torture people but quickly denies it, where they miss a change to understand the darkest heart of of a demon.

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