Virtual money and virtual dharma

Money is something weird, it has a value, but it is not real. So if this virtual value exists in both material and spiritual world, what will it be in spirituality? It seems like the nearest term will be “dharma”.

Honestly, if I have a choice, I wouldn’t use this term. Sadly I can’t find any better one. It means something like your good doings will be “banked” (into metaphysics or spiritual means), and you can use it as cover up for your bad doings, the “karma”. Some say it recorded as “akashic record”, a system that archives everything in life. (Alright,  I am not relating this with Hinduism or heaven and hell stuffs, just borrowing the words.)


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Binary ortho-logistic investigation on spirituality, meditation and channeling

This has been my writing style on many of my articles. You can say this is a word game, or you can also use it as an investigation purpose.

One of the main advantage of this writing style is that, it filters a lot of philosophical mistakes especially for spirituality.

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Dark torturter and light conspirator

The torturer says: “I feel enraged, I want revenge, I have to torture and kill those innocent people to see and hear them scream in fear and pain, and I want more…”

And many do not understand why is it feels so good to torture people but quickly denies it, where they miss a change to understand the darkest heart of of a demon.

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