True name and false ego

When a person’s name is describe by word, such as “he/she (name) is good/evil”, his/her identity losses because the name should have no meaning at all but a plain identity of a person.

Many has been talking about ego, yet they are adding many names with descriptive words. People like to add the words that are good onto their own names, while throwing the bad to those whom they dislike. Ego or not ego, is and cannot be done just by adding words into the name. It can only be measured by your action. Saying that I am egoless is meaningless unless you have been trying to not add words into anyone’s name. You cannot fool people with your action no matter how beautifully you has described yourself.

The truth is, we cannot live without names and words, which that name is just a name and should have no meaning at all (although we prefer to have a name with meaning) and then the words that describe everything in our life. Only the problem is we put words into our names.

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How demon connects with god

Have you ever experience that you have some abilities of doing things but unable to understand why you are able to?

For light, this is being understood as “the god that is all-knowingness”.

For darkness, this is being understood as “the god that is un-knowingness”.

Light chooses to praise its god as all-knowingness.

Darkness chooses to worship its god as un-knowingness.

It is a choice by the way.

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Binary ortho-logistic investigation on spirituality, meditation and channeling

This has been my writing style on many of my articles. You can say this is a word game, or you can also use it as an investigation purpose.

One of the main advantage of this writing style is that, it filters a lot of philosophical mistakes especially for spirituality.

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